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Annapolis, Maryland and the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Market

Posted Apr 04 2013 5:24pm

A couple weekends ago, we went to Annapolis, Maryland for a few days because my husband had work there. We went to the US Naval Academy and it was so fun to revisit the school that he went to and “relive” his good ol’ midshipmen days.

It was so great to see my husband’s face light up at the sight of a familiar place or see his old dorm room or eat at his old stomping grounds. He was constantly texting his old roommate with “remember this moment?” pictures whenever he came across something funny, or saying how the same ladies are working behind the deli at Dahlgren Hall and how the sandwiches taste just how he remembered them.

Before and after

We felt old, especially seeing how young the midshipmen look. We also felt grateful to those who defended and are defending our country, especially walking through Memorial Hall and seeing the faces of young graduates who have died protecting us. (And I also felt totally humbled walking through the halls because these students are working on projects that are completely out of my league. All I know is that proteins break down into amino acids – take that!)

I only came to visit him a few times, but I was so happy eating the fresh Chesapeake Bay oysters, Maryland crab dip (my daughter especially liked that too!), and Yuengling beer, which I haven’t had in years and in which P introduced me to. It was all so good and so familiar. I loved walking down the cobblestone streets of downtown Annapolis, getting breakfast crepes with my daughter while P was working and shopping at the small stores there. I hope she has some memories of this trip when she gets older! We also got apple pie ice cream, and yes, 8 years later, the owner still makes the apple pie for it!! So happy to know that!

It was like the old days and now we were able to take my daughter and show her “the school that Daddy went to.” But I must say she shook her head and said “no?!” when we mentioned “school.” Hehe!

If you’re ever in Annapolis, Maryland, stop by the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Market. It’s located in the Annapolis Harbor Center at 2472 Solomons Island Road in Annapolis, Maryland. I used to come here whenever I would visit P (my then-boyfriend). It’s always a good side trip and not too far away!

The Amish market is operated by the Amish and back in the day, P would send me goodies like homemade jams and jellies that they would sell there (yep, even back then, he knew the way to this girl’s heart wasn’t clothes or jewelry – haha!). They have everything from barbecue, fresh fruits and vegetables, preserves, grains, donuts, and other baked goods. You can stop by there for a filling meal, or get some hot cross buns for the day!

I had to refrain myself from buying lots of goodies since we nearly reached our weight capacity with our check-in luggage and I didn’t want to carry more on the plane ride home. But I had one of the best apple fritters I have ever eaten (yes, I splurged!) and it was worth the trip just for that one treat!

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