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And Suddenly It's March

Posted Mar 01 2012 8:33am

Oh, hi! Is it really already Thursday? Yesterday, Ryan and I were out running errands when I noticed that he felt a bit warm to the touch. I took his temperature when we got home and my suspicions were confirmed when the thermometer read 101. To make matters worse, I could not for the life of me get him to go to sleep last night which is SO rare for him. He usually goes down very easily right at 6:15 so once the 9'oclock hour started creeping up on us, I knew something was going on in his body. Thankfully he went down soon after that but the fever still seems to be lingering this morning. My first thought was teething but I'm still not feeling anything in his gums. Oh the joys of parenting! I have a feeling I will be spending a majority of my day with a little guy attached to my hip.

Besides that, Dan and I have started thinking about summer trips! It has been an embarrassing long time since I've been on a vacation and I can't help but daydream about all of the places I want to go. Sure, a bunch of these may need to be put on hold until Ryan is old enough but nothing wrong with a daydream!
I think right now my top place would be Switzerland (um hello, did anyone watch The Bachelor this week?! Breathtaking scenery!) followed by Hawaii. Realistically, I think we might just drive up to North Carolina for a weekend and do some hiking and bike riding which sounds perfect for right now.

Has anyone been to Old Navy recently? They have the cutest spring clothes out.. from dresses to colored pants to cute shirt prints.  (and now that it is officially March, it's perfectly acceptable to start buying spring clothes, right?)

Speaking of springtime, it is officially Peeps and Cadbury eggs season!!

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