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And so, the experiment begins...

Posted Aug 12 2012 3:00pm
This weekend I started my own new Primeo Lifestyle eating program. Primeo is my combination of Primal, Paleo and carb cycling.  During the week, we eat lots of meat, fat and veggies with veggies being the main source of carbs and on the weekends I throw in a few more carbs in the form of sweet potato, rice, legumes (like black beans or pinto beans), quinoa or a quinoa/rice pasta.
Why the extra carbs on the weekend? Well, like I said, this is just an experiment, and at this stage, I’m not ready to go completely without my sweet potato, rice and legumes. I believe you do still get some benefit from these particular carbs, in moderation.
So, Saturday night, I made some eggchiladas (a variation of a Primal Blueprint recipe) with whle-egg crepes being the tortilla, and chicken and black beans, with a bit of Greek yogurt and some sliced avocado.

Sunday night was Paprika Marinated thighs (from the Make it Paleo cookbook), with some Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges (from the Healthy Helpings cookbook,-which you can order right here at the top of the sidebar on the right hand side of this page; I used regular Greek yogurt though instead of low-fat and I also added parsley in with the coriander because, if you read my last post-it's really good for you!), and a broccoli/tomato salad with a Dijon dressing; my own recipe. :-0

Since this is an experiment in health and fitness, I’m also going through with what’s now become the tradition in this type of blog and disclosing my weight and percentage of body fat.   My weight as of Sunday morning was 54.1k (119lbs), and my bod-fat percentage on 7 sites is a total of 16.3%. Now, for comparison, back in February of this year (exactly 6 months ago) my weight was 54.6k and my body-fat was at about 15%; so really, I have not gone off track as much as I had thought. Just before my first comp in June, I was at 48.3K  (106lbs) and 9.75% body fat.  It will be interesting to see what my body-fat and weight will be after a month of my Primeo Lifestyle eating. I will take photos too, but those will be disclosed at a later date as before and after shots.

Basically I’m simply bloated out from my post comp and holiday binging. Why did I bloat out after the comp? Well, during the final stages of my comp prep, I was starving myself of much needed fats for one thing. I didn’t completely exclude them, but I was eating them way too minimally.  After the comp, rather than just filling up on fats, I loaded up on carbs-big time. I had been so hungry during that last part of comp prep, that after the comp I did everything in my power to not feel hungry for at least two full weeks….and  I was actually full to the point of bursting! It was purely psychological, but it was bad. And I was filling on carbs…and that went into my vacation as well; lots and lots of breads, pastas and sugary desserts. Gluten and sugar are not my friends. I will never deprive myself of fats again; even if I compete again, I will keep much more of those fats in. I knew better, but I gave in to the brainwashing dogma that I preach against all the time. Fat does not make you fat-period and I’m going to prove it to myself for once and for all.

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