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And My Journey Begins!

Posted Mar 24 2012 12:00am
Hey Everyone!

My name is Michelle and this is my first official blog post EVER! Pretty exciting. I have always wanted to try my hand at blogging, but I never knew where to start or what I should even blog about. 

Last week I met with a personal trainer for the first time to get an assessment, I want to do  Tough Mudder this summer and I knew I had to strengthen up! I have always considered my self to be "in shape" my friends and family would agree, I have always been active, playing baseball and volleyball, yoga classes when I have time and most importantly I am an avid runner! My biggest athletic accomplish thus far has been completing my first full marathon last March with the amazing crew at Team in Training . (For more info on my marathon journey check out Michelle in Training ) This is me finally at the end of the Rome Marathon!

Jess & I at the finish!

Ok, so back to my point! Like I said I have always thought that I was in shape because of all of the running I do, however I found out I was VERY wrong about that last week during my assessment. Here is what I learned: #1. My body fat % is higher than it should be (WTF? really? even though I am at the gym 4 or 5 days a week?) #2. my cortisol levels are too high #3. my estrogen levels are too high #4. my anti-oxidants are too low
This info blew my mind, could it be possible that after all of the sports, running and yoga that I was OUT OF SHAPE!!!??? NOOOOOOO!!!! I am a food and nutrition teacher, I am thin and athletic, how can this be!? I have now learned that there is a BIG difference between being thin and being lean, and as of a week ago I have been busting my a$$ to go from what I refer to as a "skinny fat person" to a "lean mean Tough Mudder Machine"! No more wine, cheese or gummie bears for this lady! I need to stay strong!

This blog is designed for anyone who is already eating clean and in shape, and for those of you getting into the groove, starting to eat well and looking to start getting in shape or for any looking to receive or share fitness tips and recipes. 
Questions:  What are some of your favourite healthy recipes?
How many days a week do you like to work out, and what is your favourite exercise?
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