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anatomy of the spirit

Posted Dec 01 2012 12:29am

As a holistic nutritionist I must understand chakras, their powers and healing abilities, learn from their knowledge and link my clients mental, emotional and physical issues with their energy. A task I failed miserably to accomplish, up until now.

The truth is that as a modern woman, it was really hard for me to understand the link between diabetes and chakra 3 (honor oneself) or gum issues with chakra 5 (surrender personal will to Divine will), not to mention strokes with chakra 6 (seek only the truth). I mean, c’mon! If there is a link, it means that we are doing all that to ourselves, asking these diseases to our house / body. Can we actually do that?

The reality is simple. Yes, we can and yes, we do that exactly. We are asking all that misery to come and get us every single day with the choices we make. Because, let’s face it – it is YOU deciding to eat that crapy sandwich, YOU decided to drink that bottle of wine and asked for more, YOU skipped the gym yesterday and YOU closed all of you chakras by hating, envying, worrying, lowering your own self-esteem and thinking negatively.

Unfortunately, even when people decide to focus on their wellbeing, they do that by eating healthier and adding some sort of exercise, but they do nothing about their mental world. Our thoughts however have great powers and if you fail to leash them, you are doomed to failure. If you keep thinking that you have that disease, even if you eat right and exercise, you will have that disease, or you keep thinking that you are obese and there is nothing you can about it – you will stay obese, because it is your mind that is inviting it in.

In order to understand the power of your mind, you need more than just reading the basic info about the Seven Sacred Truths, but it is a start. One, that I can give to you…

All is one. We are interconnected with all of life and to one another. The Tribal chakra resonates to our need to honor familial bonds and to have a code of honor within ourselves. Learn to respect the “blood bond”, honor your family and all human communities.

Honor one another. The Partnership chakra gives you the power to act with integrity and honor within all your relationships, from marriage to friendship, to professional bonds. Everyone in your life plays a role essential to your development. Your challenge is to become mature enough to recognize and live by this truth.

Honor oneself. The Personal power chakra directs you to develop self-esteem and self-respect. Part of the process is becoming conscious of ourselves and accept the responsibility for the quality of person we’ve become. This power awakens when we accept our life as it is and we lose it when we focus on what is missing from life.

Love is Divine power. The Emotional power chakra communicates to us the knowledge that love is the only authentic power. Not only our minds and spirits, but our physical bodies require love to survive and thrive. By far the strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive oneself or another person. The challenge within this chakra is to refine our capacity to love others and ourselves, and to develop the power of forgiveness.

Surrender personal will to Divine will. The chakra of Willpower is considered the greatest act you can perform to bring spiritual stability into your life. Every one of us has some awareness that we were born for a specific purpose, that life contains a Divine plan. This chakra also teaches us to speak in ways that do not harm to others or ourselves, because by releasing words that hurt contaminates both that person and ourselves, and our physical body holds us responsible for this form of destruction.

Seek only the Truth. From the Mind chakra we receive the energy to search for answers to the mysteries we encounter. We mature in our beliefs, step by step, experience after experience.

Live in the present moment. The chakra of the Spirit teaches us that we are spiritual creatures and our spiritual needs are as crucial to our well-being as our physical needs, may be even more. It reminds us that it is unnatural to let our thoughts live for too long in the past.

Remember: It is the choices you make that define YOU. And you can do better, I know that. The Sacred Truths listed above are from Anatomy of the Spirit , by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

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