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Anatomy of a Soon-to-be Home Gym

Posted Jan 10 2011 12:00am

Here it is ladies and gentlemen…my future home gym!

IMG_0381 Ha ha, can’t you just see me sweating over there in the corner?  As you can see, we have a fair amount of work to do before this is anywhere close to being a weight room.  However, after we move the bins of hand-me-down baby girl clothes (for which we have no baby girl, just two huge baby boys!) and the books and lamps and tools, I plan to have a wicked treadmill along the wall that the crib is leaning against.  Hopefully in the future, I will be able to add a Pilates reformer in this space too.

IMG_0382 Just past the additional stacks of books where the partially assembled Ikea storage unit sits, I plan to put full length mirror on the wall and have the weight rack, Bosu and bench in this space.  On this half of the room we’re planning to put down shock absorbing gym flooring.

IMG_0383 And lastly, where the ceramic Christmas trees and wooden nutcracker stand in the corner where I’d like to have the tv and DVD player so that I can at least entertain myself while running copious amounts of kilometres on the treadmill. 

Oh and did I mention that there are currently no lights in this room?  Sweating in the dark!  Actually, we still need to pick out and install the light fixtures so I’ve added that to my action plan list as well.

It’s not a huge room (especially with all of our crap in it!) but once it’s cleared out it’ll make a great home gym I think.  Now the question becomes, while I’m in there getting all fit where the heck are we going to store everything!?

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