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An immune balance roundup: what’s being talked about

Posted Feb 25 2011 1:42pm

The end of the month and the end (hopefully) of winter make it a good time to lay down some links and commentary to some of the news and community discussion on immune health and balanced immune function that’s been circulating lately:

  • A nurse writes a health column in the Concord (NH) Monitor about balance in the body. She believes “people who who receive naturopathic care usually have fewer acute illnesses because they have stronger immune systems and those with chronic illnesses see a lessening or even remission of their problems…The approach in naturopathic medicine is to help the body achieve and maintain balance and thus prevent further problems. Unlike mainstream medicine where drugs are primarily given to treat a specific symptom and are “anti- ,” the formulations used in naturopathic medicine are “pro- ” and used to balance the body.”   Hmmmm. That’s worth thinking about.
  • An opinion piece in the Huffington Post about the heart touched on the idea that “positive emotions such as happiness, appreciation, compassion, care and love improve our hormonal balance and immune system response…”
  • A g reat blog post here from an Albany, NY doctor: Mind, body, and immune function: Can your thoughts really be inflammatory?
  • Ancient Jewish Medicine, no less, is the header for a story on the diet and exercise needed to maintain immune balance. Published in an online Jewish publication, it summarize much of what’s been written about on this blog.
  • Here is a local news feature from Oklahoma on good immune health basics.

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