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An epic weekend of running...

Posted Apr 01 2014 11:42am
So I kind of had an epic weekend of running this past weekend. Wait a sec, don’t you actually hate it when people say ‘epic’? I mean, that's quite a big word to live up to, don’t you think?

In this case however, I’m so sorry but I have to one of those people and declare that my weekend of running was in fact epic. Since getting home from LA I’ve been swimming through my usual post-marathon slump and just generally lacking that oomph to get up and get moving. Sure, I’ve been running but few of them have been terribly memorable or honest-to-goodness awesome. I’ve just felt kind of slow, sluggish and slumpy.

That’s why throwing myself into a weekend full of back-to-back tough trails and long-ish road distance and then coming out on the other side with a smile on my face feels pretty darn epic to me right now. Especially considering the whole weekend started off with a very late night out for a running friend’s stagette!

Friday night’s shoes vs Saturday’s shoes...

On Saturday, Solana offered to take me out on the trails and I just had to say yes. She is a very close friend but we rarely run together because our abilities and paces are so different. I was pretty excited to go on a one-on-one trail run but secretly kind of scared that I would a) get hurt b) embarrass myself or c) just plain suck in comparison!

Thanks for the selfie Solana!

Being that I got home at around 1:30 am, I wasn’t happy but not terribly surprised that I slept through my alarm and was about half an hour late picking up Solana. It was only a short drive to the mountain and we hit the trail. Pretty much right away I felt tired. Great. I was worried that the whole run was going to suck but I bit my tongue and carried on.

Luckily we had lots to chat about and before I knew it we were well into the bush. She had warned me that much of the first part of the run would be climbing (which I hate) but despite that I was enjoying the workout. For some reason, even the steepest of trails seemed pretty cool when they looked like this...

Since we don’t often get the chance to run just us together, between all our gabbing I used the opportunity to get some tips on trail running and things I could do better or more of to get stronger and less likely to finish dead last in my trail races!

Sometimes she hides behind trees...

Seriously, how you can not enjoy your surroundings when
they look like this?
See? Look how fast I am! Ha ha.
 Of her shoes on bridges…

I just love this one...
A run doesn’t count unless you take a
post-run dirty feet and shoe pic, right?
It’s named the Bo Hunky! How could I
NOT order it?
And about taking pics on train tracks of course!
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