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An appreciation for Winter (even though I hate it)

Posted Mar 20 2013 4:16pm

We are trying to force our way into Spring, my little sunshine baby and I. (I might call him my baby forever, if you're wondering.)

Every winter, I feel a little or a lot less alive. I feel less myself. The gray skies weigh down, and I just can't wait to break through to bright blue skies and cotton candy clouds.

But wait I must.

Everything else is less alive, too. Animals and plants are hibernating, the grass is hardly green, we stay inside to escape the sharp bite of the cold.

When the sun shines but it's too cold, like today, Sunshine Baby begs to go outside.

Today I said it's too cold one too many times for my own liking, and then we bundled up and enjoyed as much as we could. I took his lead, knowing he'd head in when he was truly uncomfortable with the temperature.

The sun made all the difference.

We didn't go out again (it really was so cold), but we opened up the curtains and let the sun pour in. I curled up in it like a cat while Nolan climbed on and around me and  bent over to give me kisses like I was going to sleep. We read books in it and Nolan made a game out of tearing apart a package of diapers but stopped for cuddles, smiles, and kisses.

We just...soaked it all up without any knowledge of the time or if anyone was trying to get in touch with us.

It is the sun that makes really simple, uninteresting things beautiful. We thrive in it, my little Sunshine Baby and I.

I'll tell you what. I hate (hate, hate, hate!) Winter. But there is a beauty in life that comes from seeds hibernating in the ground and people hibernating in houses.

I'm more than ready for Spring, but I'm willing to acknowledge that the dark seasons are necessary for the sunny ones.

Happy First Official Day of Spring to you.

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