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An “Awesome” 5 mile Training Run and An Exciting Week Ahead

Posted Jul 24 2012 2:06pm

Hi there!

I’m counting down the days this week until:

1. My Anatomy and Physiology class FINALLY ends!!


2. Robert Irvine’s AC Food and Wine Festival Dinner event!!!!!

I purchased tickets the day they went on sale – I think back in April or May (?), I can’t remember exactly. Either way, I’m SUPER excited :)

We attended the same event last year and absolutely loved it, I just had to go again! Robert Irvine is an awesome chef, extremely friendly, and very personable – he makes sure everyone gets a chance to talk with him while enjoying his fabulous food, and holds question and answer sessions throughout the night. The Food and Wine Festival crew do a great job with the wine pairing and making the atmosphere very enjoyable. It was by far the BEST event I attended last year at the festival. Robert Irvine really knows how to entertain! I loved meeting him and cannot wait to meet him again – and get my cookbook signed :) He is one of my cooking idols and I love learning new cooking tricks from him. His shows are equally as awesome – I love watching Dinner Impossible at 4 in the morning while I’m enjoying my pre-workout snack and getting ready for my workout ;) I love and always amazed by how quick he comes up with dishes and all the unique pairings he makes. I love trying new things and coming up with unique ways of enjoying the same food – looking forward to his menu on Friday :)

Check out some pics from last year …

Brought the food out of the kitchen to plate so we could feel more involved …

Making sure everyone can see/hear him …

:) :)

Yes, I had him sign my phone … ;)

Insert my head here …

If they have this again, I will be buying it this year …

Just look how happy Nana is!! She’s coming again this year :)


Ok, moving on ;)

This morning I was up bright and early (shocker) to get in my workout before class (2 days left ..). I had a session with Jess this morning for some strength training at 5:30, so I decided to split my run up before and after it so I could get it all in before I had to leave for class. It worked out perfectly … I was only 1 minute late for class ;)

I busted out 2 miles before spending the hour with Jess, and 3 miles afterwards for a total of 5 miles. It’s amazing what 3 days off from running does for your legs (and feet in my case).

I still took it easy and ran at a comfortable pace, laying off any type of extreme speed work. I gradually increased my pace as I went depending on how my body felt. I stayed within the 9:10-9:20min/mi pace and my feet felt fine – my whole body felt fine … for once! It’s tough sometimes, but listening to your body really does good ;)

Note: I don’t normally like to run and strength train on the same day, but sometimes you have to adjust to your life schedule to get everything in (especially when your training for a marathon!). To make sure I don’t over work myself with this type of schedule, I always make sure to plan an active rest day for the day after. Therefore, tomorrow morning will consist of some bike and elliptical action – nothing extreme ;)

Like always, I planned my workout so that it would be time for breakfast afterwards. As per usual, I refueled with a bowl of “oats” .. oat bran that is

In the mix:  reheated 1 cup cooked oatbran, 1 scoop chocolate fudge protein powder, water, bananas, hemp seeds, and sunflower butter

I cooked up a batch of oatbran on Sunday since I knew this week was hectic with exams and I would need quick breakfasts each morning. This is how I made the oats …

- 1 1/3 cups oat

- 2 2/3 cups unsweetened almond milk

- 2 medium bananas, cut up

- cinnamon and vanilla

Bring to a boil, stir rapidly until you reach your desired consistency. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week. Dish out what you want for the morning and reheat in the microwave with some water. Add in and top with what you like, or keep plain, and enjoy!

Breakfast done in 2 minutes during the week .. I’ll take it!

I headed to school, took my quizzes, dissected a sheep’s brain, and now it’s time to get ready for the city – trying on bridesmaid dresses for Kelly’s wedding :) – and gather my study materials for the train. I need to get in as much studying as possible today since tomorrow is my last Lab Practical exam – yikes! Wish me luck!

Do you usually schedule your workouts around meals or snacks?

Who would you love to meet one day?

~ L

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