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Americans Not Choosing Healthy Foods;At Least Add Juice Plus+ Fruit And Vegetable Nutrients

Posted Jul 09 2009 12:00am

Because most Americans choose not to eat healthy foods in the minimum quantity suggested, we recommend adding Juice Plus+® as a way to get added nutrients into your diet. Juice Plus+® contains nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Too many people are avoiding healthy foods, which is adding to the decline in the overall health of Americans, and making more of the population overweight and obese. There is no better choice for healthy foods than fruits and vegetables. Here's more on the survey about our food choices --

A recent survey from consumer, product, and media intelligence researcher Mintel International found that taste and hunger satisfaction trump nutrition in the eyes of average American diners when selecting menu items at restaurants.

According to the Mintel Menu Insights survey, 77 percent of participants choose items at restaurants based on taste, and 44 percent choose based on hunger satisfaction. Only 20 percent of survey participants choose an item based on its nutritional value.

Part of the reason Americans tend to look less for nutritional value in menu items rather than taste and hunger satisfaction is price—according to the survey, 54 percent of respondents acknowledge that eating healthy at restaurants is costlier than not. Additionally, 57 percent of respondents acknowledge that they are spending less at restaurants this year than last year because of the economy.

Though these numbers might suggest a decline in the interest in healthy foods, information from the Mintel study and another consumer study suggest differently. According to the Mintel study, 77 percent of diners would like to see more nutritional options on menuboards. And research from the International Food Information Council Foundation's 2009 Food and Health Survey shows that 57 percent of American consumers describe their diet as healthy, while 64 percent are taking steps to improve the healthiness of their diet. ( Story )

Comments: The fact is that if more people don't start choosing a diet rich in whole food fruits and vegetables as their primary source of nutrition, then the overall health of Americans will continue down the slippery slope it's already on. At least start by adding the nutritional supplement Juice Plus+® that contains fruit and vegetable nutrients, while you make the change to a healthier diet.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, PC
Official Juice Plus+® Distributor

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