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American Academy Anti Aging Medicine – What Do They Do?

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:23pm
The American Academy Anti Aging Medicine group primarily consists of medical professionals who are interested in utilizing technology for the detection, the prevention as well as the treatment of diseases related to the aging process.

They are advocates of research projects designed to learn effective ways to slow down the aging process. The organization was created in 1992 with doctor Ronald Klatz and doctor Robert Goldman playing important roles in its creation.

A few years after the creation of the organization, they created the American Board of Anti Aging Medicine also known as ABAAM which recognized anti aging as a medical specialty and provided educational credits to attendees of their various conferences.

The American Academy Anti Aging Medicine group also known as A4M has been on a campaign to have anti aging medicine recognized by the medical community as a specialty of medicine. The A4M has about 18,000 members including doctors, scientists and a variety of health professionals in over eighty countries throughout the world. The American Academy Anti Aging Medicine group over the years has trained over 30,000 doctors regarding anti aging medicine.

Education Sources

They claim to have provided information concerning anti aging concepts to over 100,000 health professionals by way of seminars, training programs, videos, textbooks and other education sources. The American Academy Anti Aging Medicine group has provided a significant influence in bringing about an awareness of the problems associated with aging as well as the role medicine can play in dealing with aging.

Health Problems

The American Academy Anti Aging Medicine group has suggested that the diseases associated with aging are perhaps the greatest challenges that man is dealing with. They are quite concerned about the early deaths as well as the disabilities people are confronted with as they go through the aging process. They are highly concerned with health problems such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and Alzheimer's disease. They are dedicated to preventing these and other diseases from lowering the quality of peoples' lives and ending their lives prematurely.

They constantly encourage the medical community to come up with innovative diagnostics and medical interventions that can prevent age related diseases from interfering with peoples' lives. The American Academy Anti Aging Medicine group claims to be the worldwide authority on age related diseases. A spokesperson for the group has stated that with advancements in anti aging biomedical and advancements in technology the world can expect to see an increase in the life span of people. The organization is definitely a good source for the new innovations that are occurring in the field of anti aging.

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