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Amazing Qualities of a Dell Laptop Battery DF192

Posted Aug 09 2013 2:36am

Dell Laptop battery DF192  offers a good replacement battery for laptop users, working exactly or even exceeding the performance of the original battery. It enables you to work an extra time with your laptop without having to plug it to a power source. It can be used anywhere, whether home or office and is very ideal when travelling especially long trips. Having the extra battery will ensure you continuously browse, play games or watch movies all through a long journey without any power shortage. It is rated at 11.1 V with differing mAh capacities depending on the number of cells it has. It comes in a variety of colors, the most common ones being black and grey. The sizes also differ a bit considering the different sizes of laptops.


The  Dell DF192 battery  is designed with Li-ion components. It is 100% compatible, being compatible with all Dell laptop part numbers. This means one does not have to worry about being unable to use the replacement battery for his laptop. Moreover, it fits with dell latitude models such as Latitudes D420, D430, D531, D830 and Precision M4300 Mobile as well as Workstation. The battery cells range from 6, 8 to 9 with different capacities but performing extremely well. The battery is designed with high quality and safety standards to bring satisfaction for all customers using it.


The replacement  battery for Dell DF192  is integrated with a microchip which prevents the battery from overcharging hence lengthening its life. The battery cells are Grade-A type and have been internationally certified for safety and to provide quality performance over a long duration of life. It has no effect on the laptop memory and most of them can be charged or discharged for more than 500 cycles. When fully charged, it can last a long time depending on the laptop operating system, the system devices that are being used like wireless and the screen display settings. Any Dell DF192 model can perfectly use the replacement battery with ease.


The replacement battery also has its own Dell DF192 adapter which is used for its charging. Remember using wrong and incompatible accessories with your battery can reduce its capacity, life and cause damage. To ensure that you optimize the use of the Dell DF192 battery and maximize its life, it is important to use the right and original adapter, Dell DF192 adapter while charging it. This is very essential to enable you get the most out of the battery for a prolonged period of time.


There are a number of important tips to take into account when using the Dell DF192 battery in order to maintain it and even extend its life. The batteries are always in a discharged state when purchased and should therefore be fully charged for at least 12 hours before initial use. Always remove the battery when the laptop is plugged into a power source and keep it in a cool and dry place. The  Dell battery  should not be left in an inactive state for long periods in order to maintain its status. The Dell adapter should also be unplugged whenever it is not being used to prevent overcharging. Further, you can always help conserve the battery power by managing the power use. This battery is exclusively designed and tested for safety, capacity, performance, voltage and compatibility to ensure it meets and satisfies the customer needs.


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