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Amazing Juice Fast, Detox Diet - Could it Starve Cancer?

Posted Dec 12 2009 12:00am

Embarking on a detox diet or a juice diet (juice fasting) seems to be "in" today. Recently popularized by Carol Vorderman and Kim Wilde, the detox diet is praised for health benefits. There is plenty of information on a detox diet, a juice diet or juice fasting, and using vegetable juice. Of course, using fruits and vegetables juice plus berries too are good for your source your juice fast.

Let's explore the basics. Vegetables are most nutritious when as near their raw state as possible. This includes raw vegetables, fresh vegetable juice, and steamed vegetables, although some nutrients are lost in steam. We recommend Juice Plus+ as a way to get nutrients from those foods, but not as a source of all the fiber, water, and full gamut of what a whole food offers. But nonetheless, Juice Plus+ may be the next best thing to the actual foods (you can even open the capsules and add the nutrients to your juice drink if you're doing a juice fast!).

For a detox diet with juice fasting, people consume fruit and vegetable juice recipes while fasting (or abstaining) from other foods for a short period of time. The bloodstream absorbs the  juice plus the nutrients from solid foods without actually consuming the solid foods themselves. A juice diet should never be continued for long periods of time because it does not provide all the nutrients you need.

Caution is urged! Pregnant or nursing women, children, people with anemia, heart problems, diabetes, low blood pressure, ulcers, epilepsy, cancer, eating disorders, or other health issues should never undertake juice fasting, juice diet plans, or any detox diet without consulting a doctor.

The medical community does not have a consensus. Stories abound of miraculous healings of cancer, mental illness, depression, and other illnesses from juice fasting, detox diets, spiritual fasting, and fruit and vegetable diets. Spiritual people also fast to deny self, and to draw closer to the spiritual realm and higher consciousness.

In 1993, Edie Mae Hunsberger's book, "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally" was published. The main regimen she presented was wheat grass juice and a natural diet. Others claim healthier diets and sugars cause cancer growth, and any benefit is from starving the cancer. (Click here: " starve cancer " to be taken to a search in Google for results on "starving cancer" and see what you come up with!)

What is a detox diet?
A detox diet is a cleansing regimen to rid the body of toxins (detoxification). Some say cancer is a toxic condition, but it's unproven. That you can detoxify your body is well documented. There are many detox programs for drug addicts, for example.

The key to good health seems to be a healthy balance of foods that are as near-natural as possible. Moderation is a good rule, along with the ideal nutrient balance, since vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause many illnesses. (See Mayo Clinic.)

Popular vegetable juice blends:

  • Carrots, wheat grass and kale
  • Carrots seasoned with garlic, onion and ginger
  • Tomato, cucumber, parsley, celery and broccoli
  • Tomato, green pepper, celery, cucumber, parsley and sea salt
  • Carrots, parsley and celery
  • Carrots, cucumber and celery
  • Carrots, spinach and kale

Keeping fruit and vegetable diet juice fresh
To prepare juices ahead, buy glass canning jars. Pour your juice into the jar until full, press down the sealing lid, then screw on the top. Place jars into the refrigerator. Vegetable juices should keep five days and fruit juices will keep three days. Drink juices within 20 minutes of making them or opening your jars, since exposure to air destroys the enzymes.

Any way you can get more raw whole food fruits and vegetables into your diet, is going to be a plus for your health. The next best thing may be Juice Plus+ but make your focus on the whole foods first.

The Health & Wellness Institute, PC

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