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Amaranth Soup Dish

Posted Mar 10 2010 12:33pm

Hello everyone,

How is everyone’s day going so far?

Lori and I have been quite productive today! We got up early this morning and got our workout done first thing. Today our workout was yoga . Glorious way to start the day in my opinion! Get the legs moving and blood pumping :)

Before we did our yoga workout we made a quick pre-workout sludge. A mixture of coconut oil, lemon, date paste, cacao powder! Simple and delicious. *sorry forgot to take a picture!

After our workout we enjoyed our green smoothie! (sorry no picture) but it was a collard green, granny smith apple, stevia, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, sunflower lecithin, dulse flakes and lemon. Perfect way to start our morning after a great 45 minute yoga session !

We did enjoy some delicious eats from yesterday starting with a simple snack of our coconut kefir – made more into a shake mixed with some chorella, stevia and maca!

march 2010 p2r blog 452

And dinner was something different for us. It was an experiment. We soaked and fermented amaranth for 24 hours and than cooked it on the stove top with the same fermented water we soaked it in. We cooked the amaranth for about 20-30 minutes.

We knew that soaking grains make it easier for digestion so we thought about putting a probiotic in there to see if adding some healthy bacteria would help too! The finally result? Yes we felt it did help with our digestion. Not sure if it really fermented but the idea was nice :)

march 2010 p2r blog 464 We ended up adding some of our cheez sauce over it with some fresh cilantro! So our amaranth dish turned out to be more like amaranth soup :) It was delicious!

march 2010 p2r blog 455 Amaranth soup served along side some green kraut (that we made a few days ago in the bowl )

I ended up drizzling the amaranth soup over the kraut… OMG …. HEAVENLY! Beyond words, seriously amazing :)

march 2010 p2r blog 466 The cheez sauce really made this dish. Loved it on top of my sauerkraut . Who knew? I guess I really do love just about anything with sauerkraut. ;)

And as we were watching our favorite show LOST! We decided to have more carrot cake :) I told you I could have this every night!!!!

march 2010 p2r blog 470

A little piece of heaven in a bowl! Love how we finally found a great way to use up our carrot pulp from our juices!  We will share this carrot cake recipe tomorrow :)

Also today Lori and I were busy in the kitchen un-baking some treats for our farmers markets this weekend (testing more things for our cookbook, so happy to hear that everyone is excited for it), we are trying to create some new things. We will show you all pictures of everything later this week!

Another exciting thing is that the people at CSN stores contact us about doing a giveaway and product review on their site All Children’s FurnitureWe looked over their site and looks like the got a great green line with great baby products which we are happy to review since our sister is pregnant. Always happy to find great baby things! Stay tuned for more details!

Also Lori is planning on heading over seas to visit her boyfriend in Paris in a few weeks. So if you have any good tips or advice for traveling in Paris, southern France and Spain (that is where she is traveling around) please let us know. She would love any suggestions :)

Till next time,


The Twins


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