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Am I Still Sick... Really??

Posted Aug 06 2010 12:00am
I think I'm still a bit sick... :( So sad... I didn't have coffee in the morning like I usually do and as per usual, it bites me in the butt!! Anyways, this is yesterday's recap.

I was still so pumped up from the Green Monster that by 11am I needed something in my tummy so I had C-Boost from Bolthouse Farms (about 10oz.) I usually only buy a bottle a week. When you look at the amount of fruits in these drinks it's truly amazing and great that they're so tasty. I had fresh deli cut turkey and mozzarella cheese on double fiber wheat with light mayo, lettuce, and tomato. This was great but I only had half of it and the second have late in the afternoon.

It was catch of the day at the cafe', but I need to give it a break since I finally went grocery shopping and got some goodies. So I ate at my desk. The day dragged by and I couldn't stop thinking about my massage. Do you know we were in traffic for about 40 minutes and it only takes 20 minutes to get to Burlington from Billerica. What a pain!!

The massage was amazing. It was a full-body massage but she took an extra 1/2 an hour on my neck and shoulders since that's where I keep my tension and stress. I felt so relieved afterward, but when I woke up I thought I was going to die! It's getting better as the day goes on but "arghhhahhehrrr!" Haha.

This morning I started with a green monster.

I had breakfast around 9:30ish. I made scrambled egg whites.

- 2 cups egg whites - 1 cup fresh organic spinach - 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil - 1/2 tomato - 2 slices mozzarella cheese (deli cut) - 1/2 FiberOne light multi-grain english muffin

I fried the spinach with the olive oil until it cooked well enough then added the chopped tomato and egg whites. Salt and pepper to taste. I usually go crazy on the pepper. Since the deli cut mozzarella sticks if you cut it, I sliced it and put it on the eggs little by little. I'm such a cheese pig! :) LOL. I had this with half a FiberOne multi-grain english muffin.

Since tomorrow is father's day me and M's mom went to the mall and grabbed a juicer for his dad for Father's Day. We've been needing a new coffee maker, so we grabbed one of those with an espesso/cappuccino maker attached. Very cool. I can't wait to make some in the morning. Maybe late coffee tonight?? Hmmm.. :)

In the juicer first we just put in about 6-7 carrots. Then we added 2 apples, a mango, and a banana. It came out great. I'm not a juice fan as much as a "blended" fan. Maybe I need texture? Not sure.

I need to make this headache go away and do some blog and SociallyGreen work.

Ciao Friends!

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