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Alternative Treatments for People with Peripheral Neuropathy

Posted Nov 28 2011 1:36am

Peripheral neuropathy is defined as nerve damages affecting the procedure using which the nerves of our body send signals towards our legs and arms. The condition is marked by numbness, a burning sensation or tingling feelings in the feet and hands of the patient. Doctors treat peripheral neuropathy by prescribing medications for the underlying health disorder. There are also alternative treatments available for peripheral neuropathy; below, we have discussed some of the most effective ones among them.


Supplementations of essential acids such as omega-3 fatty acids, GLA or gamma linolenic acid and ALA or alpha-lipoic acids can help in reducing the intensity of the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in diabetics. The duration of use and dosages of these supplements should be decided after consulting a physician.


Our body produces L-carnitine and stores it in many of its organs including brain and liver. A study has revealed that intake of L-carnitine supplements helps peripheral neuropathy patients to regain normal sensation in the feet and hands. The supplements are available in majority of the pharmacies and health food store. L-carnitine can also be obtained from certain dietary sources. The food items that are rich in L-carnitine include dairy products, peanut butter, and red meat.

Dairy products Peanut butter

Studies have shown that one might also develop peripheral neuropathy due to vitamins deficiency. Replenishing vitamin E, vitamin B12 and vitamin B1 can control the signs of peripheral neuropathy significantly. A peripheral Vitaminsneuropathy patient must take 300mg vitamin E daily as treatment of the condition. The dosages of vitamins B12 and B1 vary based on the severity of the symptoms. The physician might ask the patient to consume a certain dose of B-complex supplement regularly.

Herbal remedies: Supplementation of herbs like St John’s Wort and topical application of lotions and creams containing chili pepper extracts are widely used by peripheral neuropathy patients. St John’s Wort supplements works by reducing the pain associated with the disease. The topical cream containing extracts of chili pepper on the other hand offers relief from burning sensation in the limbs. The substance responsible for this effect of chili pepper is an anti-inflammatory agent called capsaicin.


Peripheral neuropathy patients can also undergo a few sessions of acupuncture for getting rid of the extreme pain caused by the disease. Acupuncture is a procedure that uses the pressure points in our body for realigning our body’s energy.

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