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Almond Butter Fail & Release of Vegan Delish App

Posted Nov 09 2012 10:23am

Good morning and happy Friday! I missed blogging on Wednesday, but appreciated the extra time to work on my class project and to make the trip to visit my doctor. My group for Nutritional Epidemiology is looking at the research on the protective effects of soy foods and breast cancer risk; it is pretty interesting. After the reading I’ve done on the topic, though, I still think Dr. Fuhrman sums up the evidence best in this article  that he wrote where he essentially says that unprocessed or lightly processed soy foods are just another healthy food to enjoy in moderation.

I thought I would be able to share a new recipe with you today, but I had a complete recipe fail yesterday trying to make almond butter from scratch. I was motivated after I went to Trader Joe’s to buy more and they were completely out because of a food safety scare. I moaned about it on Instagram:

Can you sense my despair? :) I started the process of making it at home by soaking and dehydrating some raw almonds I bought recently:

I watched a video on YouTube for how to make almond butter in a high-speed blender with no oil so I tried it. Bad news: my Vitamix  overheated in less than a minute and all I got was almond meal:

I tried adding water to thin it out and then all I got was almond meal paste; it tasted so disgusting!

I then transferred the entire mess to the food processor and got it going for about 5-6 minutes. It ended up getting creamy and a little bit of flavor once the almonds heated up a bit and their oils came out. It tasted okay, but not delicious:

I think perhaps my almonds were too dry? I certainly won’t be using the Vitamix again for this. If you have suggestions for making homemade raw almond butter with no oil, please send them my way.

Another project I want to report on is the release of Vegan Delish, the new recipe app for iPhones and iPads featuring whole food ingredients with no oil, salt or added sugars! You can visit the website for Vegan Delish here or you follow the link to iTunes here . I have released the app at the introductory price of $1.99 so all of you who are interested can snatch it up at a good price. I really hope you will consider buying it, the software is very innovative and user-friendly and you will essentially get the best of my recipes in a digital format with easily searchable key words and categories. This is absolutely my pet project and I will continue to add new recipes and features.

Here’s a screenshot:

If you download it, please let me know what you think and consider leaving a review on iTunes! Thank you so, so much for your support of the app, I really hope that it inspires more people to cook healthy, vegan meals; that is my first and foremost goal for it.

As mentioned, I did see my surgeon on Wednesday morning for my 2nd post-op appointment. I am now leaving my scar uncovered for half the day and I’m trying to massage it to get the scar tissue to soften up (it feels so weird and hard right now). A few people asked what it looks like so here’s a picture:

It’s not that bad. I mean, if I had a choice I would still have my thyroid (without any cancer) and no scar, but that’s not the way it works. I’m trying really hard to keep it out of the sun and I am also using a Vitamin E oil I bought at Vitacost (shameless plug: new customers use this link and we’ll both get $10 off):

It was actually hard for me to find a scar cream that didn’t have nasty ingredients in it. I love that this one is pure and cruelty free.

I didn’t get a lot of other news from my doctor because it’s too soon after surgery to do any significant blood work or ultrasounds; I will see my Endocrinologist in about a month and we’ll talk more about that then. My calcium levels have stabilized so that is a good thing and means my parathyroid glands are recovering from the shock of having their buddy, my thyroid, removed. I’m continuing to feel really healthy and energetic and that makes me very, very happy and relieved.

Lastly, here are the most clicked-up links from last week’s Healthy Vegan Friday blog party :

1. oat bran muffins  by adrienne @ whole new mom

2. v egan sweetened condensed milk  by adrienne @ whole new mom

3. cheezy corn quinoa  by ashley @ ashley’s green life

Nice job, ladies.

Be sure to add your link below and enjoy a healthy weekend! See you back here on Monday!

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