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"Allow me to get right to the point, guys. After careful consideration, I have decided that I am getting married this year" -Cha

Posted Nov 17 2009 12:00am
Heyy y'all (still trying out the 'Southern thing'),

How was your weekend? Mine was CRAZY. My good friend/old roomie/college partner-in-crime, Tara, was married over the weekend in Zanesville, OH. The town was quite different than I expected (not in a bad way, don't worry Zanesvillians) but you must know that Tara, aka Charlotte York, grew up on Long Island and then lived in NYC after graduation. So her recently move to be with her hubby must have been QUITE the change!

So anyways let's rewind to before the wedding because this is pretty funny. So my BF Alyson flew in from Boston the night before and we had a typical wine night(or wino night as it's more fitting) and were kinda groggy the next morning, as is expected. We got to the terminal ON TIME and ready to board. The flight turned out to be cancelled which we didn't know because we fell asleep on the chairs at the terminal. Ha! Why no one paged us is unknown to me...or did they?? Soooo we took a later flight, frantically changed/straightened our hair in the family-style bathroom, sprinted through the airport to get a rental car, and took turns doing our make-up on the way. We missed the ceremony and cocktail hour but made it just in time for the reception and (several) Skinny Girl Margaritas (I love you Bethenny Frankel, you are a genius)!

On the way back we failed to check in online because I THOUGHT the purpose of checking in online 24hrs in advance was to reserve a better seat (Southwest Airlines we are in a fight)...buuuut apparently they CAN (and will) bump you if you aren't checked in early enough. Oh and they did! Alyson and I were pretty pi$$ed but in the end we each received a free hotel stay in a ghetto Holiday Inn, $300 plane voucher, and dinner (which I basically demanded! What? A girl's gotta eat!)

Sooo what do do with our time in our lovely hotel? We cabbed to the nearest Target, bought bathing suits and workout clothes then hit up the hotel's gym, hot tub, and bar. Skinny girl margaritas cancel out a the pizza delivery, right?

In the end it was great seeing the college gals. As Tara's mom told us, there is a special bond between college friends that is unlike any other type of friendship....awwwww <3

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