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Allergy Friendly Sandwich Bread

Posted Nov 21 2013 1:09pm

Sometimes I feel bad when I make a new paleo recipe because my daughter can’t take it to school with her. The most common substitution for flour in a recipe is almond flour which isn’t allowed because her preschool is nut-free. Although I really could care less about bread or pasta at this point in my paleo journey (2+ years), my kids really do still like to have bread for a treat. And I’ll be honest; it makes packing lunch a little quicker for the kids. I am totally game for using Nori seaweed wraps in my lunch, but my kids won’t touch them…yet. Just this week I had leftover rotisserie chicken that I mixed with my home-made mayo , avocado, salt & pepper. I stuffed it in a Nori wrap and took it to school for lunch. I made sure to bring it with me to my nutrition class so I could show my students an example of a bread-free sandwich. I was surprised that a few of my 7th graders actually thought it looked good! In my curriculum, I challenge my students to eat “outside the box” meaning cereal box. I encourage them to eat non-traditional breakfasts because traditional breakfast foods, like cereal and bagels, are lacking nutrition. After a few classes with me they understand that processed carbs, with little to no fat or protein, are not the best foods to fuel their body. I encourage my students to not believe me at face value because I am their teacher, but to become both a scientist and a subject by conducting their own experiment. Give my suggestions a try for a little while and see what happens. The worst case scenario is they go without some of their familiar foods for a bit. But what if…what if what I’m saying works and they change the way they are eating and they feel better, do better in school, and simply have more energy? There is nothing more rewarding than when one of my students comes up to me and tells me that they had eggs and bacon for breakfast with some fruit and didn’t need to eat a snack 2 hours later and just felt better during school. The look of pride in their face makes my whole day! This is why I love middle school; they are old enough to make their own decisions yet young enough to still be influenced.

All I know is if I can get 13 year-old kids to open their minds and try something new you would think it would be just as easy to get adults to do the same, right?! Um, yeah…no.  Some adults have been eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) for so long that the thought of going without pasta or pizza sends them into a panic. I know you’re probably thinking that it’s crazy talk because it shocks me every time too, but it just goes to show how addictive processed carbs are. If the thought of going without a specific food for a while has you acting like I just asked you to give away your first-born child, when then I think your relationship with that food needs to be evaluated. Just sayin’…

I usually by Udi’s Gluten Free bread at Trader Joe’s because it’s the cheapest price I can find in the grocery store; but I don’t really like paying $5 for one loaf and I don’t love that it’s still processed food. I prefer to make my own. I searched online to find a bread recipe that the kids would like that was paleo and nut-free and found this recipe from The Paleo Mom. Wanting it to be more like sandwich bread and less like a banana bread, I tweaked the recipe and my family really liked my results! This recipe is really easy to make and it freezes well too. You know how I feel about stocking my freezer, right?! I usually make 2 loaves at a time so I can put one in the freezer. This way we always have a loaf on hand. I like to eat this toasted with butter or spread with mayo and topped with deli meat.  The kids like it with almond butter and jelly or just heated plain as an after dinner treat. Yup, bread (even homemade) is still a treat and is gets eaten after the meal so it doesn’t take the place of more healthy food.


Allergy Friendly Sandwich Bread

6 eggs

1/4 oz. (1 package) active dry yeast

7/8 cup water, heated to 110 degrees

½ cup palm shortening

½ cup tapioca flour

1/2 cup arrowroot flour

½ cup coconut flour

½ tsp salt

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp cream of tartar

½ baking soda

2 tbsp honey

1.   Combine yeast & water and let sit for about 10 minutes until it starts to foam. Preheat oven to 350F.  Line a loaf pan with parchment paper & grease it.
2.  Melt the palm shortening in the microwave and let cool slightly.
3.    Beat eggs in a blender or food processor until frothy, about 30 seconds.  Add the yeast and water mixture and process again for 15 seconds. Add remaining ingredients and process again until smooth.  Let the batter sit for a minute to thicken.
4.    Pour batter into prepared loaf pan.  Bake for 45 minutes or until done.

Store in the refrigerator.  Makes a regular sized (8×4) loaf pan; I used my banana bread pan.



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