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Allergies and immune response still are not understood, even by many health and nutrition pros

Posted Mar 30 2012 2:44pm

I would have thought that by now, many if not most people in the health and nutrition field would understand the nature of allergies, what  they are, and how they connect with the immune function. Allergies are, in general, unwanted immune responses. Some grains of pollen enter the nose or throat, and the immune system is overcharged, or over boosted. It attacks that pollen and won’t stop, thereby inflaming cells and tissues, causing a histamine release and creating phlegm, sneezing, itching, etc.

A healthy balanced immune system should actually be passive and not respond to pollen or other allergens (dust, animal dander, etc.). Result?  Reduced allergy symptom severity and duration.

However, we see health experts talking about “boosting” your immune system to fight allergies.  Here’s one example:   “Don’t Fear Allergy Season: Get Your Immune System Revved Up.” And another . And another . Noooooo. You need to tone down your immune system.

The key is balance. You want aggressive response to cold and flu (with immune “killer cells” then retreating when the threat is gone, and not lingering, creating more problems/symptoms). You want passive response with allergens.

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