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All you need is 2 towels! TOWEL WORKOUT.

Posted Dec 03 2012 9:44pm

When you have limited equipment at your disposal you get creative.  How do you think most equipment starts out, someone uses an everyday object for exercise and says this would be better if we did "this" with it.  For this in-home workout all you need is two hand towels, dish towels, or sweat towels.  Towels are great to use to add resistance to a surface.  They can be used to add extra challenge to a body weight workout.

Make sure to properly warm up and before adding progressions or instability to an exercise program, make sure you can perform the exercise with proper form without extra resistance (i.e. a towel).  

Single leg abduction/adduction: Start with legs hip with distance apart knees slightly bent.  Place a towel under your right foot.  Bend your left knee and extend your right leg directly out to the side, keeping it straight.  Sit your weight back into your heels like you would in a squat and use your inner thigh muscles (adductors) to pull the towel back in and return to upright.  Do one set of 15/side.  Repeat 2x.

Around the world: Start in standing position, legs hip with distance apart, towel under right foot.  Extend right leg straight forward and bend your left knee coming into a single leg squat position.  Begin to trace a half circle bringing the right leg directly out to your side, maintaining your squat position on the left. Continue around to the back, keep your chest upright.  Return the leg underneath you to upright position.  Complete 10/side.  Repeat 2x.

Hamstring Pull: Lying on your back, feet hip with distance apart, heels directly under your knees, and focus up to the ceiling.  With a towel under each foot lift your hips up to a bridge position.  Slowly press the towels away from you by pushing through your heels and flexing your feet.  Go as far as you can without dropping your hips.  Pull the towels back towards you at the same time by dragging your heels towards your glutes.  Attempt to do 10 without coming down to rest.  Complete 2 sets of 10.

Out and Ins: Start in a standing position with a towel under each foot, legs together, knees slightly bent and a strong core.  Press both legs out at the same time, using your abductors (outer thigh muscles), then pull legs together using your adductors (inner thigh muscles).  A slight hopping motion works to pull the legs back together, but keep your feet on the ground.  Complete 2 sets of 10.

Lunge: Place a towel under your right foot.  Starting with the legs hip width distance apart and knees slightly bent.  Reach your right leg behind you bending both knees, keeping your body upright and keep your left knee directly over left ankle and dropping your right knee straight towards the ground. Pull the leg back underneath you and return to upright.  Complete 2 sets of 10 on each leg.

Mountain Climber:  Start in a plank position with a towel under each foot, legs hip width distance apart, hands directly under your shoulders, chin off of your chest, and belly pulled up strong creating a flat back.  Begin by pull your right knee in towards your chest and return it slowly back to your plank positon.  Alternate legs, continue at a slow speed with stability.  If you can maintain a stable center you can speed up the pace.  Complete 2 sets at 30 seconds each.

Reverse Abdominal Curl: Start in your plank position, with a towel under each foot.  Keeping your upper body still,  your hands stay directly under your shoulders.  Draw both knees in towards your chest at the same time using your low belly muscles, using your hamstrings (the back of your legs) press your legs back to your starting plank position.  Complete 2 sets of 8.

Pike: Start in a plank position, with a towel under each foot.  Keep your hands directly under your shoulders, using your lower abdominal muscles pull your legs in towards you, keeping them straight and lifting your hips up to the ceiling.  Try to maintain a flat back position, bringing your head in line with your spine drop your chin slightly as you pull the legs in.  Return to plank position, pressing the towels back to the start position.  Complete 2 sets of 5.

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