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Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Posted Apr 10 2014 2:00am
Alcohol addiction is very bad, it ruins one’s life, but quitting this addiction is very difficult task.  Alcohol withdrawal refers to the symptoms that one may experience on withdrawal of a long alcohol addiction.  This happens because the brain gets addicted to receiving the touch of alcohol regularly and if it stops receiving this, its function is affected causing central nervous system problems.  The symptoms vary from person-to-person and what level of addiction he was having.  The common symptoms that one may experience are nervousness, mild-to-moderate shakiness (tremor) of hands or body, restlessness, agitation, auditory or visual hallucinations, basically all psychological.  Other symptoms are anxiety, jitteriness, inability to concentrate, temptation of picking up the bottle again and so on.  Apart from above behavioral changes, you may get some health-related effects like headache, feeling nauseous, change in skin color or fatigue..

Alcohol withdrawal symptomsWithdrawal seizure is one of the major impact of alcohol cessation.  It is predicted to occur within 48 hours of withdrawal, either single generalized tonic-clonic episode or a brief episode of multiple seizures.

It is not necessary that the person has withdrawn the first time.  There are instances where a drinker has withdrawn prior in the past but again had consumed and is again now withdrawing.  So the symptoms may vary depending on prior addictions and withdrawals.  Sometimes the withdrawal impact occurs within 6-12 hours only of withdrawal, and sometimes it may take about 48 hours.  You may go to a counselor like Alcohol Anonymous, who guide the alcohol-addicted in the process of quitting and may advice rehabilitation also.

is like two extreme ends and it is with great will power that a person can give up an addiction and move towards total abstinence and self control. However if one does succeed in crossing this bridge then all their issues are resolved and life becomes much more happier.

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