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Alcohol impacts on brain and heart

Posted Feb 16 2010 12:00am

Alcohol, when consumed by a careless manner, has a very serious impact on the brain and severely reduces a ruling. When a person has the habit of drinking more than just a social, let’s say, every weekend or every day, that person probably would not admit to having a problem.

A person with a drinking problem will be, after the first few drinks, or drinks a glass of beer, are beginning to feel “high” and do not want to stop drinking. A person does not recognize the signal that he or she should stop, reached the limit. What people feel is the uncontrollable urge to go drinking.

Brain Alcohol impacts on brain and heart


This behaviour, which today is very common among college kids, mature men and women and even teenagers, can lead to DUI. DUI, in turn, can lead to the vehicle or watercraft accident or other serious accident to the injury or death of one or more persons.

When a group of friends, be they teenagers, young or mature adults, the plan went on the night of action where they would drink, the wise thing would be for them to appoint a driver for the trip home. The best choice will not use, if possible. Accidents can happen at any moment, but to guarantee the safe return of the group should take precautions. Too many lives lost in tragic accidents. Too many families are living the nightmare of losing loved ones in a road traffic accident. Too many families suffer, seeing close to one in dire pain amputation. All communications with careless drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Women tend to believe that the drunk than men when drinking the same amount of alcohol, despite their weight difference on the ground that women have less water in their system than men. Because alcohol mixes with body water, the same amount of alcohol becomes more highly concentrated in a woman’s body. It is for this reason that the drinking limit is recommended for women less than men.

In addition, women who abuse alcohol more susceptible than men to fall victim to the relevant medical problems, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, brain damage, damage to the central nervous system, liver disease and other related medical problems.

The impact of alcohol varies with age. Less tolerance to the effects of alcohol puts older people at higher risk of falls, suffering fractures and other injuries that may occur as a result of drinking. They will also suffer from hearing and vision problems.

Older people tend to many drugs. Taking prescription or prescription medications can be extremely dangerous and can lead to death. Alcohol can cause medical conditions typical for the elderly, including heart conditions, high blood pressure, ulcers and poor circulation. Physical changes associated with aging can make the elderly feel “high” even after drinking a small amount of alcohol. Therefore, even if not prohibited alcohol, older men and women should be limited to no more than one drink every day.

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