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Airbrushing Controversy

Posted May 12 2010 12:00am

May 28th, the movie of 2010 that i’ve been waiting for comes to theatres!

My girlfriends and I have plans to go see it the following week.  I cannot wait!!


Are you a Sex and the City fan?

There is actually some controversy over the poster (above) for this movie.  Airbrushing controversy!  Have a look at the women, and you’d never guess they are all over 40.  I actually heard on the radio today on my way to work that Kim Cattrall is annoyed with the fact that they made her look better than some 20 year olds.  Not a single wrinkle.  In my opinion, all four women have aged gracefully – but this is the reality of what we get in magazines, on movie posters & billboards.  Completely unrealistic images of women who we aim to look or be like.

I suppose some people might have the outlook “hey it’s Hollywood.. what do you expect?”

Which, yeah ok I suppose that is true to a certain extent!  Shall we just come to the conclusion that this is reality?

I suppose it’s up to us to filter through the messages sent by these images. 

I’m sure you’ve all seen these photo comparisons of Britney ..


Apparently she wanted the “before” shots shown as well. 

“Britney Spears has allowed the pre-airbrushed images from a shoot she took part in for fashion firm Candie’s to be used ALONGSIDE the digitally-altered ones, so people can see the difference.”

Good for her I say!

Have you ever touched up a photo of yourself?


(I am almost done the most tiring week ever!!! whoop whoop!)

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