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Ain’t no morning like a Monday morning

Posted Jan 11 2010 12:00am

cuz a Monday morning don’t stop!  That’s pretty much what my Monday morning was like.  Non-stop at work.  Which is a-ok with me, you know that’s how I like it.

Breaky was a nutella sandwich and some canned peaches left over from my backwards dinner .

I didn’t get a second to think until lunchtime.  Hugh Jass with romaine, carrots, avocado, egg whites, turkey sausage, mozzarella, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Mendy worked hard all day too.  When I went upstairs, I caught her lounging in my favorite chair.

Lazy bones!  She’s so tiny, it made me think of a pic I saw the other day.

funny pictures of cats with captions

I love, love love that site.  Mendy looks like she is getting NOMed by my favorite chair ;)

Also on the exciting news front for today (come on, you know Mendy getting NOMed by the chair is exciting news….)

My new water belt arrived!

Yep, now I have no excuse for not racking up the mileage again.  I read good reviews about this one, and wanted to try the two bigger bottles as opposed to the four smaller ones that I currently have and don’t really like.  They are a huge pain to wash and remove, and I usually only end up wearing two of the four bottles anyways.  Also, this one has two pouches to hold things, not just one.  So more room for Gus, cell phone, whatever.  I can’t wait to try it!  (although I CAN wait for a run long enough to try it!)

Speaking of running, I had to do my “long run” (I say that in quotes, as it was only 8 miles) today because I slacked off yesterday and skipped it in order to go look at S’s motorbike.  It was sooo hard to drag myself out there this afternoon.  I was tired after a slammed day at work, feeling totally lazy, and it was COLD.  California cold, of course.  But cold nonetheless.

I finally made myself get out there.  I am trying to increase my speed and get a better time in my next marathon than I did in Lausanne, so I picked it up a little.  Miles 1-5 I averaged an 8:28 min/mile pace.  I’ll take that!  But then… around mile 5 my stupid long sleeved shirt touched my stupid Garmin touch wheel, and put it on some stupid menu so I couldn’t get back my stupid training view.  And I started pressing buttons trying to get it back (while trying to run, of course) and stopped it from recording my run!  I couldn’t figure out how to get it to start back up again, so I just kept running and waited until it went back into power-save mode and thus I could start from the beginning.  I was finally able to restart it at about mile 6.3, so I got the last 1.71 miles logged and averaged 8:23 min/mile.  I think I was running faster because I was so pissed at my Garmin.

I was really happy about my times, but was totally exhausted when I got back.  Literally, for the rest of the day and tonight, I felt so tired I could barely move around!  Not sore or tired legs, but just completely drained.  It’s weird.  I can’t wait to go to bed tonight.

When I got home, I had some mango slices waiting for me that had just finished in the Excalibur!  I downed a huge plate of those very quickly.

Still hungry, I dove into the trail mix.  I may or may not have picked out the chocolate chips and yogurt chips and eaten primarily those…

When S got home, we were totally psyched to watch “The Biggest Loser”.  Except it wasn’t on!  And then we remembered that it was on Tuesday nights when in fact today is MondayGreat googly moogly.

Know that one?  Come on… only one of the greatest commercials of all time, people!

So my weekly eat-a-big-dinner-and-dessert-while-watching-the-biggest-loser-contestants-work-their-butts-off fest will have to wait until tomorrow night.  Ah well.

Dinner was a quick mish-mash thrown in the pan with some olive oil.

Spinach, mushrooms, ham and some artichoke dip.  All together now:

With some breadsticks on the side.

And dessert was my favorite part.  I got some more sugar cookie ice cream!  I actually got TWO containers, because it is a limited edition so they won’t be getting more in now that Christmas is over.  Plus, since it is technically a Christmas flavor, it was on sale!!  Total score.

I might have had this x2.  I ran 8 miles today, people!

I cannot wait, wait, wait to hit my bed tonight.  G’night ya’ll!

PS:  Check out Rosey Rebecca’s Dove giveaway !

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