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Ah, the obliques. They can be cut and toned, they can be curvy...

Posted Jul 20 2010 7:45pm

Ah, the obliques . They can be cut and toned , they can be curvy and cute or they can be an area that is  prone to pinching —in attempts to determine whether it’s time to focus on firming up or not. I find that my body prefers to store any extra fat in the oblique region, so in addition to cardio, I adore doing core work that focuses on strengthening the side abdominal muscles. Although there’s no way to “spot reduce” with exercise , you can stay fit all over with cardio and the underlying muscles will shine through!

These three exercises can be performed with a medicine ball , although you can substitute a dumbbell or other weighted object if necessary. Remember to keep the body in a straight line when in side plank and focus on tightening the ab muscles throughout the moves. To increase the intensity of your traditional ab workouts, try to add these exercises to your routine two to three times each week.

It’s important to balance your body by challenging all muscles. But we all enjoy concentrating on certain body parts more than others. What are your favorites?

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