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After Hiatus, I Return!

Posted Jul 01 2010 11:04am

Life has been..less than funny lately. Or actually probably a lot more than funny lately. If that makes any sense? Regardless, works And the gym has been..a distant friend. Anddd, I may or may not have eaten 4 buffalo wings while watching the World Cup (USA vs Ghana) @ le bar.  There is also a possibility I drank two glasses of pinot at an Irish bar with my friends…while singing 90’s hits at the top of my lungs. Fabulous. I also may have enjoyed 20 too many seasoned curly fries. On a more normal note, I do not feel the urge to vom after spin classes anymore AND I finally went back to yoga and my beloved elliptical. <3 Plus I took a trip to the library and got a new card, took out a book that I probs won’t even read (because Eat Pray Love was out, bummer.), and layed out and swam in our complex pool. Moving on..

Lots of pictures to come, I’m just gunna say what they’re of because I can’t even begin to remember what day or when or all that shiz.

1.Rolled Oats & Frozen Stawberry’s + Fat Free Whipped Cream + Green Tea. Fabulous.

My Indian inspired creation that I had for lunch two days in a row. Green peppers, onions, chickpeas, curry simmer sauce over garlic brown rice (what up 90 second uncle bens)

Mixed Together +Fresh Cilantro + Chives!

Oh, and this guy for dessert : ) (low fat version)

Yummm. Two store bought crab cakes sizzling next to a garlicky saute of mushrooms and asparagus!

And this guy (how cute is this bowl I use at work?) joined me for a bit of homemade kidney bean soup (low sodium) that my grandma made me!

My chemical breakfast! An everything bagel thin (100 c), raspberry white chocolate light and fit + some fresh raspberries.

Perogies with the same mush/asp saute. Too bad I accidentally burned the potato and onion perogs a bit. ooops (still delish!)

Oh, and then my brother graduated from MRHS!!

And me and the fam took a cute pic : )  (please excuse my brother’s awkward expression?) (Please also excuse my puffiness in this picture..)

Then Brendan and I went to Juanitos in Red Bank. A mexican resturaunt. Umm, fab. We were seated on their outdoor patio, served chips and dip, and ordered all within 5 minutes I swear. It’s a little pricey, but deff worth it. I went with enchiladas. It came with three (I had two there and brought one home with me), and I could choose what I wanted in them. I went with one shredded chicken, and two vegetable. They were topped with cheese and came with sour cream, beans, and rice. Crazy good. And you could choose sauces to poor over. I got some kind of Cilantro/Avocado sauce (the green one) and also a Creamy Chipotle. Obvs Cilant/Avo won, those are two of my fav foods..(excuse my crapppay pics)

I finally used my Magic Bullet!!! I decided to make a smoothie for bfast. Banana, 1/2 Banana Light & Fit, Peanut Butter, A few raspberries, and protein powder. Then ate it out of a bowl, topped with some muesli trail mix. Prettay Prettay.

I also had this strange concoction of Roasted chicken breast meat, 2% cheddar melted, Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Garlic Sauce, and Avocado? Might look and sound weird, but it was good and gone too soon..

Oh and an update on our herb garden! It is fricken huge. I don’t this picture even does it justice on how big it was.

Before when I first posted:

And now!

We have way more herbs than we can possibly eat, but we love our little garden none the less. Though, I must say we’ve had a few run ins with near death due to 90 degree heat waves, and us forgetting to water them lol. Basil always suffers the worse..poor guys! Oh, and the cilantro is the largest. You can’t see it because it’s reaching towards the sun the other way, but it is so huge. We have cut new growth off and throw huge piles of it away multiple times since we’ve gotten it. Out of control, fabulousness. Love having fresh herbs on my food.

Okay, this is also strange, buttt, two fried eggs topped with half of a 2% cheddar cheese to go bar, which I chopped into cubes to make melting quicker. You can’t see but they’re both sitting on multi-grain english muffins. What up protein.

And last but certainly not least, I stopped to get gas one morning before work and picked up this lovely thang. My first epxerience with a Kind bar! So much protein packed into that little thang. And it’s completely raw, and gluten free, and vegan friendly. This flavor was Almond, Wanuts, M academia..

That’s all for now, but the pictures are already filling up again on my camera. I’ll be back soon! Happy Summer and Happy almost 4th of July!!!

Question: Will you be going to the beach this year for the holiday?
This is a trick question for myself, because I live 10 minutes away from the beach as it is. : ), so you know I’ll be there!!

**Lou (lol), I just want to remind you that I work in a web based field and I can tell who comes to my site and who comments it. I have notified management.
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