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Adventures in Swimming, Part 2

Posted Mar 11 2009 3:39pm

Since my last post on swimming, I have tried to get to the pool at least twice a week in preparation for the two triathlons I have scheduled.

I mentioned before that though I actually know how to swim, I am not very efficient at it. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know, when I wrote my previous swim post, that the type of swimming stroke I needed to learn was called freestyle.

Ha! That sounds funny now.

And now you see why I have much to learn.

I've watched youtube videos and observed other swimmers, all while practicing the not-freaking-out part and attempting such a beautiful art form.

Over this past weekend that I was out of town, it was starting to "click" as I was swimming in the smaller hotel pool. I think the smaller pool boosted my confidence. I still have to build up endurance and speed.

Thankfully, I already had plans for private swim lessons this week.


Through our local community center, I contacted their aquatics director. She passed my contact information to a local private swim coach. The price seemed reasonable and I definitely needed help.

When he called, he sounded young. He apologized for missing my phone call because he was in school.

"Oh, which school do you attend?" I asked, thinking of the many colleges in the area.

"I go to (local town) high school."

Hmmm... ok.

Then I was impressed. Not a bad job for a high school kid.

I met with Swim Coach tonight at the activity center. What a cutie!

He's very encouraging and confident. He asked me to swim freestyle so he could see where we needed to focus first.

I giggled. Dude, I don't even know where to start!

He took off his shirt and grabbed his goggles to join me in the pool.

A half hour later, I was swimming freestyle!

A lap here and there and lots more to work on but WOW!!

He makes it look so damn easy! I want to look like that! Just seeing him glide so smoothly through the water... his cut, muscular arms (ok, I am human) gliding without causing nary a ripple with each stroke.

I think I actually even said out loud, "That's hot."

Can you make me look like that too?!?!

There is SO much to think about! Again I was reminded of my beginning cycling days and getting used to the clips on my cycling shoes. I had to make a conscious effort to remember to clip out before stopping or else I would fall over.

With swimming, I have to remember to breathe out while underwater, turn my head, take a breath, focus on getting my arms in the water, stretch out, kick loosely.... aaaahhhh!!! Its all so much to remember!!

I'm going to get there though.

With my supportive high school Swim Coach and my determination, I won't miss out on a triathlon because I can't do the swim part.

Nope, I'm going to conquer this thing.

And I'll make it look easy too.

** Photo of the inspirational Dara Torres. Full article here. **
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