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Adventures in babywearing

Posted Jan 29 2013 12:00am

I didn’t use the moby wrap when Sophie was a baby.  I used a carrier probably a handful of times but with Ella I wear her all.the.time.  Maybe it’s a second-baby-there-is-so-much-to-do-with-two-kids thing, but I LOVE it.

I started using the moby within days of Ella’s birth.

*edited to add: I use the Moby D!


I moved the one panel for picture purposes but it would normally go over her head slightly for support.


Out for a walk in the first week.


I absolutely love putting Ella in the moby wrap and she loves it too.  There aren’t many days that go by where I haven’t put her in at least once.  She’s been known to spend three hours at a time in it, and within minutes of putting her in she’s out like a light.

When it was just Sophie and I, when she was an infant – it was easy to sit on the couch all day and hold her while she slept.  Not much got done around the house some days but I didn’t care too much because I loved those days where we would cuddle on the couch.  Now, with the moby I can still hold Ella while she sleeps, but I can do things with Sophie too.  Win win.  There are still some days where things don’t get done in the house but every mom has those days! 

The great thing about the moby is I can do things – like cook (safely), clean, do my make up, play with Sophie, do laundry, go on walks, shop etc.  If worn correctly it is super easy to keep them secure while getting on with daily tasks.



Perfect for those tired mama days.


I love how she snuggles.

20130116_172634-1 20130118_104000 20130125_134930

I will probably use different carriers as Ella gets older.  I hear the Ergo is a great one, but I also have others at home that I could probably try first! 

Oh and despite all the babywearing we do, I definitely love those moments where we hang out on the couch too.  Sometimes you need to sit and take it all in.  Life is full of all kinds of busy, you know?


Have you ever used the moby wrap or another type of carrier?

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