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Adding Your Own Acrylic Nail Tips

Posted Oct 22 2010 3:15pm

< p>There’s no have to have to unnecessarily kill your budget having acrylic nail tips place on at the salon. Tough economic times have made us all aware that we at times take the effortless road, when we could just as very easily find out to complete a couple of issues for ourselves. Whilst it wouldn’t be suggested that you simply cut your hair at home by yourself: acrylic nail thoughts could be extremely uncomplicated and quick to perform your self, with a small practice.

Things You’ll Have to have

 *Acrylic thoughts of your choosing.

 *Acrylic Liquid.

 *Acrylic Powder.

 *Application Brush

 *Bonding Glue


 *Nail Boards

 *Nail Primer (Disinfectant).

Obtaining Started

1. Location several paper towels on the surface you’ll be utilizing and buy several small glasses for the acrylic liquid and acetone.

2. Take the acrylic nail tips out of the package and come across one that matches your tips correctly. The moment you’ve glued them on, you don’t want the thoughts to extend much farther than your natural tips — otherwise you improve the risk of breakage. After you’ve found which one is proper for you: Line them up in order of which nail will go very first, second, third, etc.

3. Next dab a modest amount of bonding glue on your own nail (one particular at a time) and location the acrylic tip on, while holding for a couple of seconds.

4. Next file and shape each nail to desired shape/length for best health and beauty .

5. Mix liquid acrylic and acrylic powder. After that’s done: dip your application brush in the mixture and carefully brush it on each and every nail. Try to buy close to the cuticle without overlapping it. Frequently dip the brush within the acetone, to prevent the brush from hardening.

6. Apply second coat if necessary.

7. As soon as everything is dry, further shape acrylic nail thoughts if needed and buff them for a smooth end before applying any polish.

8. Apply polish and delight in your new nails.

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