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Adapting eating habits while injured

Posted Nov 09 2010 3:47am

My goal is for Chasing the Now to be a positive, upbeat blog. I figure we all have our problems, and there’s no sense in spreading unnecessary negativity. But tonight, I’m feeling a little down and need to let it out.

Since I’ve taken some time off from running because of my hip flexor injury I’ve felt a little heavier; Nothing too considerable, but still feeling “fat” is no fun. Ever. I’ve been too lax with my eating lately in correlation with my current activity level. I’m not sure what the scale says (I’m going to weigh in the morning), but I don’t feel like ME.

Sulking finished, here’s my plan until regular running commences again:

  1. No caloric beverages—stick with coffee, unsweetened tea, and water only
  2. No sweets except on special occasions
  3. No cheese

By no means do I believe living healthy & happy has to mean cutting out the fun-stuff! But, this is what I feel is best for my body right now.

Now that I’ve had my chance to vent, here’s the good stuff:


I layered up this morning and went for my first long bike ride since August. The wind was ferocious, though, and I could barely move faster than 8MPH for the first ten minutes.

Eventually the wind chilled-out long enough for me to get some miles in.

Photo 11月 09, 7 44 54 午後

I rode a little under nine miles in an hour. Not fast, but it felt awesome to move my legs. No hip flexor pain, but my knees are a little achy tonight.

I think I remember reading on Caitlin ’s blog achy knees after/during biking means your seat isn’t high enough? Can anyone confirm this?

During the ride I stopped and had two strawberry-flavored Clif Shot Blocks. I like this flavor a lot and the shot blocks are easy to eat and do not upset my stomach.

Photo 11月 09, 7 45 24 午後

Good all around.

Before the bike ride, I ate breakfast and let it digest for about an hour.


I tried my hand at a quinoa breakfast bowl this AM. It turned out pretty good (I’ll post the recipe in the morning.)


An hour after my ride finished my stomach was growling so loud! I quickly devoured this mikan before going back to studying. Sadly, this is the only time I truly listened to my hunger all day.


Lunch wasn’t anything spectacular. After taking a bite of my egg burrito, I realized I was 99 percent sure the cheese was flat-out no good.


Never a fun thing to realize mid-bite. However, the Nature Valley Peanut Butter crunchy granola bar was good—not as sweet as the Pecan Crunch, but still very good.

Things kind of went downhill after lunch. First there were peanuts.


Followed by chocolate.


At first I only tempted myself with 1/3 of the bar. But the other 2/3 magically disappeared after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, it was good.


And full of fiber, which my body desperately needed.


The idea of facing the scale tomorrow morning isn’t so appealing, but I know it’s better to snuff this streak out now before I wake up after Christmas five pounds heavier. Right?

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