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Action creates energy

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:18pm

When is the perfect time to make a good decision? After the mail is opened, bills paid, inbox empty, dishes washed, toenails painted? After Brad Pitt knocks on my door to let me know what Angelina is tiresome with her “Let’s save the world” chatter and that he’s always liked short girls?


It is 11 p.m. I have not exercised today and I’m feeling guilty about it.  I’ve been waiting for the right moment to get my butt up and move, but this magical moment has not yet arrived.  This morning I told myself I needed more sleep, this afternoon my excuse was that it was raining and I told myself I would probably melt if I tried to slosh through the puddles.  Well, diabetics are made of sugar, after all!

The point is, if I wait for the perfect time to make healthy choices, healthy choices will probably never happen.  My thoughts about the rain or my tiredness are an impediment to achieving wellness in my life today.  If only I told myself, “I understand that you’re tired, but we really need to get out of bed today, because it will make us feel better later on.” I let my thoughts run the show instead of what I truly value— my health and overall well-being.It’s helpful to remember that action creates energy.  Getting up and making a micro-movement (a small step in the right direction) can impart just enough energy to encourage you to keep going.  A 5-minute walk around the block might inspire you to keep going, to walk 30 minutes, or, who knows, maybe even an hour.  Don’t let your thoughts stop you from making the choices that you need to make. You never know when Mr. Pitt will come a-knockin’.

If you wait for things to calm down to start swimming with the current, you might not survive the wait.- Cheri Huber

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