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Acid Reflux Relief – Comprehending Antacids Over-Usage

Posted Nov 15 2010 4:27am

You might be well aware of that burning feeling in the trunk region akin to a lit-up match-stick at the back of your thorax or sternum. You’re certainly not the lone one experiencing this discomfort. Around fifteen million people in the United States are suffering from acid reflux on a day to day basis. It is a condition which surfaces due to the stomach’s acidic matter being thrown back into the esophageal area. The outcome could be slight to severe burning sensations in the trunk, abdominal or throat area.

The prevalent means of getting acid reflux relief is taking OTC (over-the-counter) antacid medicines, though how does one comprehend when one is going overboard with their intake?

According to Doctor A. Sheth, a specialist in the field of gastroenterology as well as Asst. Prof. of medicine from Yale Univ. over dosage of antacids hardly ever is an issue among majority of the people in the United States.

The key worry is that electrolyte irregularities might develop as a result from ingestion of excess calcium causing a condition called as hypercalcemia.

Hypercalcemia arises due to over-abundant calcium in the blood making the person constipated, stomach pains, feeling excessively thirsty and nauseous. Such symptoms generally arise in solely acute cases.

OTC antacid tablets for ingestion and in chewable forms, powdered, liquid & chewy gum forms are available for providing acid reflux relief by neutralizing acid in the esophageal area.

These are deemed the highly safe means of subduing bothersome signs of heartburn, though Doctor Sheth points out that people taking such antacid tablets among other OTC varieties should be vigilant and attentive about the directions & dose on the labelling.

Doctor Sheth states that these have favourable effect since they are swift-acting & provide acid reflux relief for individuals experiencing symptoms occasionally, for instance, subsequent to heavy meals or excessive alcoholic drink intake.

In case one is not into taking antacid tablets all day there are several modifications in lifestyles which could be easily made for lessening the rate of recurrence of heartburn symptoms. Dietetic intake dons a major part in the incidence & acuteness of heartburn. Keeping away from particular food varieties such as tomato-based items, chocolates, alcoholic drinks and caffeine could also be helpful. Shedding surplus pounds might additionally be beneficial for acid reflux sufferers.

However in several individuals, OTC medicines & amendments in way of life fail to offer ample respite.

Among individuals who are symptomatic for over twice or thrice on a weekly basis, greater strength medicines that lessen acidity of abdominal liquids have been found to be more effective.

PPIs (Proton pump inhibitors) such as Prilosec, Prevacid are deemed to be high-strength antacid tablets & help in resolving symptoms among most patient types.

Acid reflux could be an especially niggling medical disorder since it mostly has a tendency of being unceasing and affects several individuals everyday. However at what stage does a heartburn sufferer require visiting gastroenterologists regarding his/her problem?

Doctors also point out that in case one is experiencing deteriorating signs in spite of intake of such medicines, or are over fifty years of age or a kin history of cancer of the esophagus then it is a red-alert sign for promply seeking medical assistance. People experiencing difficulties when they swallow, experience weight reduction or abnormal blood loss are also to consider it as a matter to be taken seriously and visit a doctor.

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