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Acer Aspire 5315 Battery Maintenance Tips

Posted Jul 10 2013 2:28am


If you own the Acer Aspire 5315 laptop or if your laptop is compatible with the  Acer Aspire 5315 battery, there are some tips you ought to follow in maintaining the laptop. These tips will help you in ensuring that your Acer laptop lasts for the longest duration while minimizing any potential issues.



First, avoid dust from entering your Acer Aspire 5315 laptop battery. Dust is an enemy to all laptops. It will enter the laptop and might clog your fans as well as overheating your components. This applies to the battery along with the laptop itself. There are several steps you may take in lowering the chances that dust will enter your computer. The most convenient method is keeping the laptop safely concealed within a sleeve or a case when you are not using it. If the dust does enter your laptop, though, you can remedy this by blasting off the dust using a tiny can of compressed air. You may find this can from most computer stores.


Second, you should protect your  Acer Aspire 5315 adapter. It is rather easy for training cables to be yanked free from the laptop. The power cord for your laptop is often susceptible to unintentional tugging, especially if you leave it somewhere that people often pass through. You should always neatly tuck away the laptop adapter to prevent passersby from tripping over its cables. However, if there is absolutely no means of avoiding the adapter from snaking across the floor, try to loop it around the leg of a table before you plug it into your laptop. This way, if the adapter has a sharp yank, it is the table that will be yanked instead of your laptop. A table is certainly stronger and sturdier than a laptop—and significantly less valuable—so it is the most ideal option. You could also loop the cable around the chair on which you are sitting.


Third, you should utilize proper cleaning materials when cleaning the laptop along with the  battery for Acer Aspire 5315. There are laptop owners who utilize household cleaners for giving their laptops a fresh sheen. However, this move is considerably unwise, and it could damage your laptop considerably. Standard household cleaners might be dangerous and damaging to any sensitive screen coverings, and they can also damage your laptop's plastic shell. Hence, you should avoid utilizing whatever you have in the cleaning cupboard for cleaning your laptop. Instead, you should utilize specific cleaners that are meant for laptops. They are often available as wipes or as sprays. If you lack either of these and you wish to clean your laptop immediately, you may utilize a damp and lint-free cloth. However, on the laptop's screen, the finish will not be streak-free. You can utilize such cleaning materials for the other components of the laptop. With the battery, you should not touch the internal sections as they are often extremely sensitive. At most, you can utilize a dry lint-free cloth. Otherwise, you must avoid cleaning that section entirely.



From these tips, cleaning the  Acer battery  and the other components is rather simple.


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