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Acer AS07A41 Battery Essentials

Posted Jul 25 2013 2:49am

Acer AS07A41 battery  is the power source for the Acer AS07A41 laptop series and is designed for superior performance. Acer is amongst the premier brands in the laptop market segment and it is but natural for the company to develop a stable battery that supports its product offerings. Along with a heavy duty adapter, the battery provides the required power support with which the devices are able to sustain the charge longer and hence offer a higher degree of portable convenience. These batteries have come a long way from their predecessors and now possess advanced circuitry for being able to operate with high efficiency levels.


The  battery for Acer AS07A41  is a Li-ion battery with 4400mAh charge sustenance. Li-ion composite material itself enables the battery to sustain longer durations on a single full charge without having to recharge the battery. This comes in very handy when users are frequently on the move and travelling is a major part of their life. After all, who would like their work interrupted by recharging requirements, especially when travelling. Being a 4400mAh Li-ion battery, it has an average charge life cycle of 35 which is pretty good by today's standards. The battery is made with the highest grade cells which ensure the performance expectations maintained from this battery. Even the form factor of the battery has been made compatible with the internal designs of the laptop, thereby minimizing the possibility of the battery adding to the overall bulk of the device. The sleek corners and simple design also ensure that the removal and installation of the battery is easy and hassle-free. This is beneficial when carrying an extra battery as it can be changed by the user without having to open the laptop too much.


The  Acer battery  has advanced protection and safety implementations. Proper logic boards are used in addition to thermal protector thermistors that prevent damage to the battery as well as the device in the event of overheating. Such situations don't only pose a significant threat to the laptop, but users are also exposed to severe harm if such an event occurs. Circuit breakers are also provided with the battery so as to stop the flow of current during charging if any issue arises in the circuit that could lead to possible harm. These implementations clearly exhibit the extent to which the company has gone in order to ensure the safety of its customers as priority and also the safety of the laptops. Such protective measures also enhance the stability of the battery itself which allows it to give superb performance for a longer time. However users need to take care of the battery by storing it in a dry and cool place when not using the laptop for durations exceeding one month. Also, periodic conditioning of the battery is required in which the battery is completely discharged and then fully charged. This helps to ensure that the battery's performance is optimal throughout its usage.


The  Acer AS07A41 adapter  is a convenient yet highly useful support to the Acer laptops. Not only does it facilitate fast charging of the batteries but it also helps users when travelling abroad by maintaining compatibility with various power outlets. The high capacity adapter goes easy on your pocket by minimizing power consumption. It is also very easy to carry along on journeys due to the fact that it utilizes very little space and can easily snug in with the luggage. The cable length is appropriate enough to give users ample space to work while being connected to an active power source without having the need to fidget around much. The adapter and the battery perfectly complement the Acer laptops and make it the best companion for your work.


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