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Accomplishments and Believing in Yourself

Posted Jun 08 2013 10:00pm

I am still basking in my accomplishments, I am proud of myself. When the division of Women's Physique was first introduced, I immediately wanted to switch over, but I didn't think I was ready. Oh, I had the self confidence, that is never a problem for me (sometimes I can come off as quite arrogant due to my confidence), it was my physique, I wasn't quite as muscular as I would need to be. I'm still not, I want to add a bit more but that takes time.

I waited a couple years and trained hard, I kept competing in Figure but I tried to get as big and as muscular as possible. It's not easy when you are a female, you are not young, and and when you are natural - I rely on good food, sleep, and heavy weights. 

Consistency. Dedication. Desire. Passion. Love.

So many of us go through life afraid of what others may say or think about us. I know that I have many people shaking their heads. What is a woman her age doing dressed (or not dressed) like that!? Who does she think she is?!

But do I care? No. I live my life for me. For my pleasure, my pursuit of my own happiness. While I want my family and friends to be proud of me, I can only do what I feel I need to do in the one life I have been given.

I feel fortunate to have found what makes me feel young, makes me feel healthy and alive, what makes me want to jump out of bed every morning. I don't roll over and look at the alarm clock, dreading the start of another day, ever.

Look at your life, think about what you are doing, what you are accomplishing. Are you proud of yourself? Can you walk through life with your head held high, shoulders back, laughing out loud? I hope so, we should all be doing just that.

I have a motivational video below, one of the most moving I have seen in quite some time. Email readers will need to navigate directly to the blog by clicking on the Ready In 5 Weeks link at the top of the page.

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