May 1, 2013 · 9:26 am

In lieu of an outfit a week post, I thought I’d highlight one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time (travel not included, of course). Granit bag | The Pursuit of Hippieness

Upon arriving in Stockholm, we were making our way towards our hostel when we stumbled upon the Granit storefront.

Granit | The Pursuit of Hippieness

As one of the things we were most looking forward to about Sweden was the ridiculously amazing design, we rolled right in. In short: our first brush with Swedish aesthetic was not disappointing.

Granit | The Pursuit of Hippieness Granit | The Pursuit of Hippieness

Mostly a home wares store, Granit is rustic with a cool industrial edge. I could have walked away with all of their awesome but practical office items (for my non-existent office) and their beautiful gardening tools and decor (for my non-existent garden).

Aside from the gorgeous aesthetics, Granit’s superstardom was launched in my mind when I noticed on the tags of the items and in the brochures in the store that most of the items were marked with a special label reading “Granit Omtanke“, or “Granit Cares.” This is their eco initiative that ensures that these products are made in ethical conditions with recycled and/or biodegradable materials. I’m always impressed when I see a company take this on, and even more so when it is clear that that quality and aesthetic are not sacrificed.

So, that was a sizeable sidebar. Back to the bag…

Granit bag | The Pursuit of HippienessAside from home wares, Granit also has a little clothing and accessory section. Sara was looking at some light little canvas backpacks that would be perfect for school when I spotted this tote and was immediately smitten. The mixture of leather and canvas not only makes the bag light as air, but oh-so-cool. It’s also incredible practical: huge pockets on the front, little pockets on the inside, and the inside is also partitioned into two sections. A key ring means my OCDness of checking 5 million times to see if I remembered my keys when leaving my apartment will be somewhat ameliorated. It’s roomy as all get out. It has a long strap and handles. And the clincher? Learning that the leather is not leather at all- it is gorgeously manufactured vegan leather. I’m usually pretty good at spotting the difference, so the fact that I had to ask was pretty noteworthy. And as I’m trying to make the transition of translating my vegan, eco-friendly diet and general lifestyle towards my wardrobe, the stars seemed to completely align. Especially since I’ve been looking for a great carry-all for a while. This bag is perfect and practical enough for school, work, and travel, but stylish enough to act as an everyday purse.

Their website isn’t great, but as the company is starting to expand, I’m hoping it will improve (and hoping that maybe they have their sights set on New York!). Regardless, I hope you guys will check Granit out.

P.S. I have not been in contact with the company or anything- these are all my own opinions!


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