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Accept beans contain SOD resistance to acid enzyme can restrain excess reactive oxygen species

Posted Nov 27 2012 4:31pm
Last weekend, a "healthy parents, health care of the children" seminar held by the Taiwan Cancer Center radiation therapy researcher the Dr. Lin Zhaohong in local share modern family must pay attention to the correct diet concept mentioned in the "super antioxidant superoxide enzyme "(Super Oxide Dismutase, SOD), Hermes bag  acid-resistant enzymes in a human body, but also the body's natural secretion from the elements.

Excessive reactive oxygen species affect the heart operation

A few years ago, when the new doctrine of the medical profession SOD human health caused widespread concern. Hermes handbags outlet  It is beneficial enzymes manufactured by the human body, helps to remove harmful, causing acidification of reactive oxygen species and destruction of tissue, help blood circulation, nourish the skin.  Birkin bag hermes The active oxygen is to the human body naturally occurring substances eliminate harmful bacteria. But it only in the predetermined quantity within the scope in order to play a role.

According to medical research reports, an excess of reactive oxygen species, the functional operation of the blood vessels,  Hermes kelly   heart, stomach can cause problems. On the skin, it can make cell function disorders affecting the basal layer of the skin metabolism, Hermes constance bag  skin becomes dry, bring wrinkles troubles.

The Samick has become deadly three evils

Reactive oxygen species "ubiquitous", Hermes wallets  such as ultraviolet radiation and synthetic substances contact will result in the generation of excessive reactive oxygen species. After a long period of study, the Japanese medical personnel found the SOD antacid enzymes of the human body, Hermes bearn wallet  in order to suppress excessive reactive oxygen.

Dr Lam said: "evils of modern civilization, the original human body 'Samick - sun, air, water', becomes a deadly 'three evils' elements, especially air and water, by the serious environmental pollution. Hermes belt  "In addition, on people taking drugs, food additives cause more evils, so that the potent oxygen in the body increases over control. Entering the 21st century, it must bear the "curse" planted in the 20th century - the impact of all kinds of damage to the environment, Cheap hermes belt  people and animals are not spared.

He said: "The number of SOD contained in the human body, with age and decline, therefore, Hermes watch  the ongoing research and development of the medical profession, to maintain the health of the people like super antioxidant superoxide enzyme" (SOD-Like) substances, This is from the daily food intake of nutritional elements absorbed into the human body. "

Supplementary antacid enzyme from beans

Social progress, the environment is fast changing the relative increase pressure on people, Hermes h watch  but also one of the increase in cancer patients. He said: "People from the everyday life, changing eating habits, intake of organic fruits and vegetables, pollution-free food, non-genetic modification of food, enhance immunity modern people love to eat genetically modified food could be the cause of cancer lesions." soybeans, cereals, rice, germ, contains a wealth of SOD,  Hermes bangle   but every day must consume large amounts of such foods in order to make up the body's daily requirement of SOD component. He said: "For example, every day eat six kilograms of soybeans to make up the body's SOD component, which is impossible, and gout can not eat soy, made of pharmaceutical active substances extracted from these foods,  cheap hermes jewelry   you can balanced intake of necessary nutrients which Japanese eat natto (Natto), cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention very helpful, the medicine also proved that the probability of the Japanese people suffering from cardiovascular diseases is very low. Just natto heavier taste, maybe some people are not in the habit.

Allows the liver to adequate interest rate adjustment

In addition to diet, sleep quality, Hermes boots  better health key. He said: "The heart is our vital organs as the liver. Midnight (23:00 into the wee hours) is usually the liver must 'rest' time, do not let the 24 hours worked hard to sleep at this time is the best If sleep cooked, Hermes shoes women  liver sufficient pranayama, than in other long sleep to well. "
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