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AbraBOWdana: An Example of the Modern Entrepreneur Mom

Posted May 20 2012 5:00pm

Dana Storino, Owner of AbraBOWdana , is a young, vibrant wife and mother of three young children. She embodies the spirit of a hardworking mother who really can have it all. We sat down with her for an interview about her life as a mommy and her growing business of gorgeous, unique handmade headpieces for children.

Next Level Bodies: Can you tell us a little bit of background information about yourself, your husband, and your kids?

Dana: Im a 33 year old mommy of three.  Ive known my husband Frank for over 20 years, he was my boyfriend when I was 13 and then again when I was 23! I had always loved him and thought he was the cutest guy I had ever seen. We have been married for almost 8 years now, and have a 7 year old boy named John, Carli our 3 year old girl, and a 10 month old son named Frankie. John is definitely the logical one, and Carli is the imaginative one. Frankie is still young but he loves to have fun and get into everything!  


NLB: Do you have a memorable story you would like to share about your children or about being a mom?

D: I have too many hilarious stories about being a mom to even mention.  I think everyday is kind of like a mini sitcom.  There are at least one or two injuries, four fights, and someone always poops in the bathtub every night….don’t even get me started on the kids! ;)

NLB: Bath time must be fun! Do you and your family have any special family traditions or favorite pastimes?

D: We really enjoy bath time at night and making sure we go outside a lot is important to us.  We love going to my husband’s Michigan cottage. The kids are really into nature, fishing and boating.  


NLB: So where did the idea for your business come from?

D: I wanted a girl so bad so I could dress her up in frilly clothes, especially big bows!  I started ordering them online and then I started to look at them and realized, “hey I can make these!”


NLB: They are great! What materials do you typically use?

D: I love using all different types of materials. I mostly use grosgrain ribbon for the bows, but I’ve recently started making headbands with fabric flowers. Ive even started learning how to sew!


NLB: What are your favorite items to make?

D: I love making items that people request. I’ve been making “rock n’ bows” which are bows centered around musicians from the past and present. Ive done The Beatles, Poison and even Nicky Minaj!  I also love doing sports team bows and ‘awareness’ bows.  I’ve made some really cute Autism awareness items and Epilepsy awareness bows. I’m currently getting ribbon in for some breast cancer awareness boutique bows, so keep checking my Etsy site for them!


NLB: You’ve got a lot going on! How do you juggle a growing business and a family?

D:  I’m not sure!  I try to save all of my bow making for when the kids go to bed. I usually work from about 9:00 PM to midnight.

NLB: What are the biggest rewards you’ve felt so far?

D: Making people happy. I love making a bow that someone requested and it comes out the way they imagined or it matches perfectly to their little girls outfit. It makes me happy to see them happy. I love completing a piece, it’s like artwork that someone wears. I love thinking that my bows are being worn everyday by different people in all different places throughout the country.


NLB: Now that is good customer service!! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

D: I see myself still married and being a great mommy! I also see teaching myself how to sew. I hope I can learn to make clothes and learn how to embellish dresses, belts and other accessories. I love doing bows, but I never want to stop learning new things!

NLB: So tell us, what are your most popular items?

D: Sport bows for sure!

NLB: That is pretty cool. What is the best customer feedback you’ve received so far?

D: It is so hard to say, fortunately I get a lot of really good feedback. The best feedback Ive gotten so far was when I did a fabric flower for a bridesmaid and the bride loved it so much she had me make her and each of the rest of her bridesmaids one as well, even though she had already ordered a expensive piece she got online. She never even wore the expensive one! Another great experience I had was when I called a store to see if they wanted to sell my bows. The rejected them. Then, they saw my sports themed bows and my “Rock N Bows” and called– They changed their minds and asked to sell them! They said they were so unique and had never seen anything like them!  

You can check out & “LIKE”  AbraBOWdana on Facebook and don’t forget to visit her Etsy store for tons of other options. You can email Dana directly at  or   with a request for your very own unique bows and headbands!


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