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Above All Burning Carbohydrates Calories In Your Muscles

Posted Feb 19 2009 4:01pm

Now that you have this lose belly fat article, you’ll be capable to start reaping these rewards too. What kind of benefits am I specifically talking about?

• No longer will you get to be a slave to the gym, spending countless monotonous hours each week on a treadmill, elliptical machine, or something related.

• No longer will you have to rush to be on time for an aerobics class. No longer will you must be in the gym for 4, 5, or 6 days per week, performing various different forms of exercise to get all of the benefits you look for.

• No longer will you have to follow some wacky fad or crash diet plan calling for the elimination or strict reduction of carbs or something similar.

• No longer will you have to maniacally watch your diet every second of the day, doubting if that cookie you had will require another 45 minute aerobic session.

• No longer will you have to sense bad about yourself for not being able to live up to all of these popular recommendations and more.

• And most outstandingly, no longer will you be a slave to the multi-billion dollar fitness industry that is keeping you from reaching your targets.

You’ll need to extra rest to extract maximum benefit from your fast diet exercise. It is a Straightforward concept but the #1 reason why people’s exercise programs fail them. They are giving their body NO REASON to change or progress when attempting something they’re already capable of.

And when you are working with enough intensity, your body switches to primarily burning calories from the carbohydrates in your muscles instead of body fat. And after your concentration based workout is over, you body then begins to burn existing body fat and calories to fuel the growth and repair processes that happens (which is a massive combination of complex chemical reactions).

The best part is, you body can carry on to burn body fat like this for up to 48 hours after this workout is over! Now you’re working smart instead of long. Now if we just applied this intensity principle to aerobic workouts, we instantly make our exercise more effective. But even when doing this, I still found the fallouts not to be up to my expectations. Why?

Because I also had to engage in confrontation training or weight training on top of this to build fat burning muscle mass and develop a stronger body. Having to complete two different forms of exercise each week still kept me in the gym for at least an hour 4 or more times per week. Better, but I wanted it to be even easier and fewer time consuming.

Now, you may already know that adding lean muscle group to your body is one of the big secrets to burning fat all day long, even when you’re not working out. The causes for this are two-fold:

First, a pound of lean muscle requires about 40-50 calories per day to remain alive, and when you add several pounds of muscle, you can create a calorie deficit in your body which melts off even more fat. On top of that, the growth and restore process mentioned above that occurs after intense strength training can burn huge amounts of calories and body fat for up to two days afterward.

And the health benefits are tremendous…well applied resistance training can amplify your heart and lung’s capacity for work, with helps reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.

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