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abdominal adhesions - Helping Safeguard Your Stomach Health

Posted Mar 17 2011 4:40am
Stomach problems can be some of the most uncomfortable medical issues you can face.  And on occasion, they can develop into very dangerous conditions.  Stomach and abdominal pain and discomfort can be a symptom of a wide range of different problems, and proper diagnosis by a professional is the only real way to know if what you're feeling is more than just heartburn or gas.  Seeing a Beverly Hills gastroenterologist can help diagnose and treat any number of abdominal problems.  If regular stomach pains are plaguing you, scheduling a visit is a good idea.  Regular visits are also recommended when you get older to help check for problems that need to be treated early such as cancer or polyps.
When you visit your gastroenterologist, he'll asses your unique situation and factor in your age, risks of certain diseases, and current symptoms.  You may need to have a procedure known as an endoscopy.  A Beverly Hills endoscopy exam involves the insertion of a camera mounted to a flexible tube into your rectum.  Don't worry—you'll be sedated as the process takes place.  Your doctor will check for any abnormalities in your intestines as the camera makes its way through your bowels.  It's an outpatient surgery, and you'll be able to go home on the same day and aren't likely to experience any significant discomfort aside from some gas pains.
Polyps will be one of the main things your doctor will check for.  A Los Angeles colon polyp is often nothing major, but removal of the polyp is a safe route of treatment as if they are left to their own devices they run the risk of developing into colorectal cancer, a very serious form of cancer.  Early removal drastically reduces the risk of cancer, so it is a good idea to visit your doctor for regular screenings if you are at risk for colon polyps.  Unfortunately, colon polyps are usually not announced by symptoms, other than on rare occasions.   
If you've had abdominal surgery before, and are experiencing pain, you could be suffering from abdominal adhesions   Adhesions are bands of tissue which sometimes form between organs and tissue, causing them to stick together.  These adhesions are most commonly caused by surgery.  In fact, nearly everyone who has gone through abdominal surgery develops abdominal adhesions.  Usually, they don’t cause any significant problems, but on occasion you may suffer from pain, female infertility, or intestinal blockages.  Again, a visit to a gastroenterologist can determine if you're suffering from adhesions or something more serious.
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