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Aarkstore Enterprise---Internal Thought Leader, External Voice and Clinical Catalyst

Posted Sep 13 2010 12:35am

Map the world of the new MSL

As Medical Science Liaisons' strategic role becomes increasingly multifaceted, measuring and communicating MSLs' value has never been more important. This study is an all-in-one benchmarking tool: in unprecedented detail, eight chapters spell out MSL activities, program structure and territory sizing, staffing, budgets, performance metrics, and more. Developed from data from 50 Life Sciences companies, the report will enable you to prioritize MSL objectives and bolster team performance.
Embrace the New MSL - and Maximize Impact

MSLs have recently emerged as organizational "go-to" personnel, providing support to internal clients, including sales, clinical and commercial. But both internal groups and MSLs themselves are unclear about the expanded role, diluting MSL effectiveness. Empower the "liaison" part of their role and implement effective strategies for improving coordination with internal groups. Also, breakdowns detailing MSL activities in the office and in the field will aid in better directing MSL efforts and will advance productivity.
Build a Stable of Thought Leader Relationships

While the new MSL model encourages building internal relationships, interacting with thought leaders remains a tremendous ongoing challenge. Develop a clear-cut relationship-building strategy. Metrics reveal which physicians MSLs should target as key opinion leaders. Taking the process a step further, best practices show how to gauge and build close relationships. Most importantly, though, they also show how to develop those relationships into tangible opportunities for the company.
Master MSL Group Management

Superior management facilitates success. Study new structure models and trends designed to elevate team efficiency. Improve territory breakouts: who covers what? How do we divide territories? The report also examines MSL compensation, education, and experience - see how other companies balance these components to refine their recruiting efforts - and shape career paths. Finally, to be fully effective, high-caliber staff need sufficient funding. Use this study' s budget data to fine-tune resource allocation.
Evaluate and Communicate MSL Performance

Victories alone are not enough to prove MSL value. Program leaders must continually assess team and individual efforts to drive improvement. The study' s findings show which performance metrics companies are using to assess MSLs' internal and external value. Use them to design a comprehensive performance measurement tool that incorporates both hard and soft metrics.

Achievements must also be articulated to key stakeholders. This is crucial because part of MSLs' skills is qualitative. Some groups may not see how MSLs directly influence the bottom line. Our study explores leading companies' strategies for translating qualitative benefits into quantitative results.

Table of Contents :

Executive Summary

* Study Methodology
* Study Definitions
* Profiled Companies
* Six Key Findings and Recommendations

MSL Activity Breakdowns

* Pre-Launch Activities
* Post-Launch Activities Breakdowns
* Time Spent per Activity for MSLs in Other Major Markets

For more information please contact :

From:Aarkstore Enterprise

Contact: Neel




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