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Aarkstore Enterprise---Best Practices in MSL Team Management

Posted Sep 13 2010 12:31am

Once primarily viewed as sales support, Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) now sit at the center of multiple activities. Organizations leverage MSLs’ unique combination of scientific expertise and relationship-building acumen to build thought leader connections and to shape clinical and commercial strategy. These responsibilities have amplified the professional and educational experience required of MSLs, and superlative MSL management now requires a deft balancing act that includes resource planning, HR concerns and KOL targeting.

Master the concrete points of MSL group management, including resource allocation, team structure and activity planning for both internal and external tasks. This study showcases benchmarks, MSL program profiles, and practical strategies for managing a world-class MSL team:

Fine-tune your resource allocation: Ensure efficient spending with budget benchmarks for compensation, MSL activity funding, and group overhead from more than 50 Life Sciences companies of all types (including drug companies of different sizes, biotech companies and medical device firms).

Recruit the best candidates and define career paths: Do you know what to look for in the new MSL? Target candidates with attractive levels of education and experience while learning from industry trends and other MSL leaders’ hiring success stories.

Right-size your MSL team: Whether you’re looking to increase your MSL team or expand into affiliate markets, benchmarks provide ample support for your decisions. Staffing data breakdowns include 15 therapeutic areas as well as medical devices.

Build successful MSL territories: Understand the myriad factors contributing to territory sizing and design a process that allows you to adjust team size and territories as needed.

Table of Contents :

Executive Summary
Study Methodology

Study Definitions

Profiled Companies

Key Findings and Recommendations

Staffing the MSL Team
MSL Staffing

Hiring the Right MSLs

MSL Training

MSL Program Structure and Territory Sizing in the US, Europe and Affiliates
Department Structure, Organizational Oversight and Team Leadership

MSL Territory Sizing

Affiliate-Level MSL Programs

MSL Program Budgets
MSL Group Profiles
US MSL Team Profiles

Non-US MSL Team Profiles

For more information please contact :

From:Aarkstore Enterprise

Contact: Neel



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