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A1A Half Marathon: Race Recap

Posted Feb 22 2013 1:29pm
I didn't die.

...I'm pretty proud of that.

And pictures are coming. I'm just lazy at the moment.

We arrived in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Saturday afternoon to attend the expo. The traffic was horrendous so we parked about a mile away and used our flippers to walk to the convention center. For a smallish race (5,000), they rocked the expo. Freebees everywhere.

Including coconut water and Cabot cheese (OH MY YUM! and lactose free somehow? I think they're lying.). 

Coconut water was my best friend and worst enemy on Saturday. Take my advice, drink it in the days leading up to a race. It hydrates the pee out of you. Unfortunately, this statement is way too literal in my case. I was THIS CLOSE to peeing all over our rental car on the way to Fort Lauderdale... all thanks to coconut water.

Fortunately for everyone involved I held it. THIS CLOSE.

On top of almost peeing my shorts, I proceeded to do everything possible to injure myself for this race, including NOT training. We walked a mile to dinner and then walked a mile back on Saturday evening. I wore flip-flops... I got pre-blisters... I cried... Brett gave me his shoes and subsequently walked barefoot... I'm a dummy. 

Luckily my pre-blisters never amounted to anything but red marks. Whew. 

Race Day:
We were up at 4am to be out the door at 4:30am and to the race start at 5am. Yuck. That's the worst part about the A1A Half Marathon/Marathon... the 6am start to beat the heat.

Heat? Florida must've forgotten that small detail on Sunday morning. It was 43 degrees with 15-20mph winds. Good thing we're from the midwest.

Everyone, including us, waited till the last second to drop their gear. Naturally, this storm of runners felt like a traffic jam in LA during rush hour. The gun went off and we were still in line to drop off our gear. I wasn't freaking out or anything.

Good thing the race is chip timed. And that I have a sane fiance to remind me of this fact. 

We got to start together which was pretty fun. Although, within seconds Brett torpedoed off into the sea of runners. He missed the lady on the tricycle with a umbrella over her head crossing the road through the swarm of runners. There were choice words screamed at that dingbat. Yours truly kept her mouth shut... for once.

We ran through downtown (I think) and up the A1A (next to the ocean) and through a gorgeous park (out of the wind) and back down the A1A. It was so windy I was actually swept to the side IN MID-AIR at one point by a big gust. That was interesting.

I met some Wisconsinites moving to Iowa (weird). They paced me, without knowing, for at least 6 of the 13.1 miles. I felt the need to thank them because....

I don't think I would've PR'd if it wasn't for them! Yes, I had a PR! My form sucked (total heel striker all race) but who cares? I GOT A PR! I GOT A PR!


And the medal is

Overall, a wonderful experience that makes me want to race a half every weekend. Hmmmmmmmmm???

Sooooo, in more important news... what have YOU been up to?
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