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A Wonderful Story

Posted May 31 2009 11:25pm

George Kerkoven is an advisor/trainer in Holland. He is one of my private blog subscribers. George has been advising a woman who has had Type 2 diabetes for the past 18 years. He suggested that she use the EF/Paleo diet and explained its principles. When her doctors saw her results they told her to continue. She is now free of diabetes and even returned her syringes to the hospital. Here is a bit of her story in her own words:

The diet was not all hard or difficult. It felt more like coming home. As a child, I already hated potatoes, French fries, ice cream, rice and even bread. I was sick. But my surroundings told me differently. All children can eat ice and candy, can´t they? It was given to me as a reward, if I behaved well, after days of being nauseous and sick.

But you get used to anything.

I have this afternoon (May 25) returned all insulin syringes to the pharmacy. A month after I started the diet I discovered very quickly that I had to stop my quick-acting insulin and, with advice from the diabetes team, I also stopped injecting my long lasting insulin.

Now, for the first time in seven years I no longer require insulin injections.

I was at the hospital a week ago and was told to continue to follow the EF/Paleo diet with the internist’s full support. They concluded, based on blood tests and foot research that my blood sugars are stable, that I have no shortage of minerals or vitamins and the complications have disappeared. The internist told me that the latest findings that people today just ate too many carbohydrates from starch. But it was not yet fully proven so that they could not recommend it as a matter of policy. But she is very enthusiastic and they are personally completely behind me.

There is more inside.

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