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A Wet 13 Miles: NYC Marathon Long Run #5

Posted Aug 22 2010 10:33am


After an amazing night of sleep, I woke up at quarter until 7 this morning ready to attack my 13 mile training run!


I enjoyed an Arnold Sandwich Thin with Crofters Spread and Sunflower Butter for a pre-run breakfast.

IMG_4259 This is my go-to combination for long runs as I know it doesn’t irritate my stomach. NEVER TRY A NEW PRE-RUN FUEL COMBINATION BEFORE A LONG RUN!

I knew that I’d need more than just water to get through 13 miles so I used a sample I received from one of my recent races.

IMG_4264 Nuun Active Hydration is portable hydration via the form of tablets. The website described Nuun as a delicious alternative to sugary sports drinks. From their website:

What’s in nuun?
  • four essential electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium & calcium
  • a nice, refreshing flavour to remind you to keep drinking
  • a bit of fizzy stuff to ensure it dissolves quickly without having to mix or shake
  • a smidgen of colour in the form of riboflavin (vitamin b2) & beet juice depending on the flavour
  • a sprinkling of love

I added the lemon lime flavor to my Camel-Bak this morning in hopes it would provide more energy and hydration than plain water.


As soon as walked out our building I knew it was going to be a tough run. The cool temperature (77 degrees) was a welcome change but the humidity was stifling!

I ran up to Central Park, taking in all the shops and boutiques on Fifth Avenue. I entered the park and focused on my pace and strides as I took on Cat Hill. Unfortunately, running in Central Park wasn’t as enjoyable as normal today due to a huge bike race. They kept moving runners aside and yelling for us to move to the bridle path.

I gave up and headed towards the resevoir loop which was the best choice I made today! I did 4.5 miles around the reservoir and was joined by many other runners and walkers. The views were gorgeous even with the clouds. After my first loop the clouds opened up and the rain started. The trees and their branches protected me from some of the rain but regardless I was soaked!

I didn’t know what the rain’s schedule was but I knew I was sick and tired of it! Unfortunately my shorts were not the most comfortable when they were sopping wet barely hanging on my body. I had to pull them up every few minutes. By 10 miles I had wrung out my shirt three times and had refilled my CamelBak twice.

I exited the park and started running towards Columbus Avenue trying to figure out my next path. That’s when I had the best idea ever! I would get some fuel at the Equinox cafe, refill my Camelbak, and finish my final 3 miles on the treadmill.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to change into dry clothes for the treadmill portion but at least I was out of the rain and humidity. In fact, I was freezing during my run! I definitely received some weird looks as I trudged out the final miles enjoying every minute of Bethenny!

A little over 2.5 hours later I was done.

My time wasn’t fabulous (kept around a 10:20 pace) but I put in the mileage and now am spending the afternoon relaxing.

Long Run Tips I Learned Today:

1) NEVER leave without mid-run fuel. I didn’t refuel until mile 10 which probably attributed to my energy levels.

2) Use glide before any long run! All I’ll say is that Desitin is my best friend right now after running in the rain.

3) Nuun works really well and tastes great! I loved the ease of adding Nuun to my CamelBak and enjoyed its flavor and electrolytes.

4) Always keep some newspaper in your home for post long wet runs. I immediately stuffed my shoes with newspaper to absorb the wet and dirt.

What are some of your long run tips?

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