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A Very Sweat Pink Wednesday & Energy Bits Review

Posted Aug 09 2012 12:00am
Yesterday I had a VERY Sweat Pink day! I was fortunate enough to finally meet to of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors. In the morning Carly (from Rock the Dogs ) and I met up at a local conservation area, she was nice enough to do some hill training with me in preparation for Tough Mudder ... which is only 10 days away! ahhhhhh! We tackled a few big hills, and then spent some time jogging through the trails. It was great to finally meet Carly.
I post run pic, sweating pink!
After my morning workout I spent the afternoon with my friend Elina, she made a delicious grilled chicken salad for lunch! Thanks Elina! xox

After my fabulous lunch I did a little shopping, as if i haven't already done enough of that this summer, however I have had some Lulu Lemon gifts cards burning a hole in my pocket that I needed to use up, so I got a new pair of Wunder Unders (I wear my black ones all of the time) and a blue In Stride Jacket! Money well spent.

After a little shopping I met up with Sarah from My (Mostly) Healthy Life , another Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador from my area. Sarah and I became fast friends through blogging and chatting on BBM so it was great to finally get to meet in person! We had a drink and some lettuce wraps (yes, we kept out dinner paleo) and chatted for a while. Unfortunately we forgot to snap a pic to post, but I am pretty sure we will be getting together soon for a run or Lulu Lemon bootcamp or yoga class!

Becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador has been a great way to connect and network with other bloggers from all over the world, and of course some from close to home. If you would like to learn more about Fit Approach and all of their awesome Sweat Pink Ambassadors you can click HERE .

This past week I also had a chance to sample and review some Energy Bits . I received two packages of bits along with an extensive package highlighting all of the healthy benefits of taking these bits as well as what they are made of etc...Energy Bits have designed several different bits that serve many different purposes. Some are designed to help give you energy when you are working out, some are to help prevent colds/illness, some are designed to detox and other are supposed to help with hangover recovery (I really need to invest in some of those lol).

The Energy Bits Package I received
 Energy Bits claims that their Athletics/Fitness tabs " are the trifecta of nutrition because they provide your body with glucose, protein and even nitric oxide. All naturally too. Our algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (over 60%), all in amino acid form so it quickly converts to glucose. This gives you an energy boost and mental wake up without chemicals, sugar or caffeine all for just one calorie per tab."

Energy Bits claims that their Athletics/Fitness tabs will help increase energy, stamina, endurance, metal focus, and high quality protein. I decided to put them to the test at the gym this morning because I had a KILLER leg day ahead of me. The series of leg exercises I had to do today always kick my ass,  I am always exhausted by the 4th set and complain about having to do the 5th set. They recommend taking 30 of these little tabs before a workout, or more if it is going to be a really rigorous one. I only took 18 because I had never tried them before. I recommend you swallow them whole and don't chew them, they are definitely an acquired taste. I wouldn't say that I felt a massive burst of energy before my workout (then again I only took 18), however I was able to drag and push more weight than normal without getting overly exhausted, so that was a bonus! Although I didn't not a huge difference in my energy level today, I definitely noticed some improvement when it came to post workout recovery, which was a nice relief after this particular leg workout.
What makes Energy Bits so unique is that they are algae based! "The Germans won a Nobel prize in the early 1900's for determining that it had the highest concentration of protein in the world and could be used as food."  According to Energy Bits, their products are a "power source that you don't need to plug in! They are 100% green, 100% nutrition, 100% natural and 100% carbon neutral."
Some of the worlds top athletes have been incorporating algae into their diet. It seems to have been a well kept nutritional secret of some of our current Olympic athletes, and NASA has claimed that “one gram of algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 grams of fruits and vegetables." (source)
Are you interested in trying out these little bits that really pack a punch of energy? Then head on over to the Energy Bits website and use the PROMO CODE: RUN and receive 30% off your purchase! And be sure to let me know what you think! I will be trying them out again later this week during one of my training runs for Tough Mudder.     Questions:

1) have you purchased any new workout gear lately? If so what did you buy!

2) what are your favourite sources of energy when running/working out? 

3) do Energy Bits sound like a product you would try to enhance your energy and endurance during a rigorous workout?
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