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A very merry Christmas 2012 indeed

Posted Dec 27 2012 6:00am
Whoa, I have a blog? What whaaa?? Yup! After 5 days of too much fun, family, friends, and food GLORIOUS food, I'm baaaack!

But instead of my notoriously long drawn out recaps of what we did every waking minute for the past five days, you get a gazillion crusty iphone pics, yay! But I'm warning you. Prepare your eyes, I didn't keep my promise of closing my mouth in every photo like I said I would . Oops.

As I mentioned in my last post, we made our way back home to DC on Friday and packed in a ton of fun stuff while we were there. A few of my favorite highlights while there was having "mommy and daddy time" while catching up with newly engaged friends...

...and watching the most hilarious, raunchiest, insult comedian EVER, Colin Kane at one of my favorite spots, the Arlington Drafthouse. He had us in tears from laughing so hard, and a whole row of girls behind us in tears because they couldn't handle him. Their loss!

We also opened gifts early while at the in-laws house because the hunk was on call for Christmas day and he needed to be back in time in case he was called in...

And I even received a gift that had me crying a river.  I'm not a big "hey look what I got for Christmas" kind of gal but had to share this one, I love sentimental gifts like this so much!

Another sentimental gift that I have to share? The hunk and I were this years recipients of the famous rubber chicken that is passed around his family each Christmas since they were born. This is only the second Christmas where we've received the rubber chicken and I know exactly who to pass it along to next year, I can't wait ;)

Of course, what would a weekend back home be without an amazing family dinner? We stuffed our faces with the most delicious prime rib, turkey, and all of the usual, delicious Christmas dinner fare.

We even played The Oracle of Kevin Bacon , talked football, laughed our butts off, and all of us then simultaneously passed out from food coma on the couches after dinner.

Yup, definitely a highlight of the weekend, fa sho!

Another favorite from our time back home was being able to catch up with the beautiful Victoria from Victoria Runs . We checked out a Yogilates class which, frankly, was a huge snoozefest and incredibly boring with the number of squats and tricep pushups we did. Is this what body pump is like? Because if it is, I'll pass.

Anyway, the class was lame but seeing Victoria wasn't. That girl definitely knows how to put a smile on my face!

We did a lot more in DC but ended up coming home just in time on Christmas eve to cook up a delicious dinner of garlic herbed pork loin, cheesy scalloped potatoes, my usual cornbread stuffing, and roasted veggies.

Then, we watched Die Hard 1, a new tradition for us while spillin' and sippin' on some hot cocoa. After the most awesome action packed Christmas movie in the WORLD ended, we opened one gift, before passing out in the comfort of our own bed.

Finally...CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Caleb was a saint in comparison to last year and slept in till past 8, so the three of us laid in bed cuddling before getting up to tear into even more presents. Like a true boy, Caleb was a little more interested in playing with wrapping paper than with his actual toys but hey, he's adorable so we roll with it.

After oohing and aahing at presents, it was time to cook up a feast for some very hungry, very ravenous soldiers. Just like I do every year, I cooked up some red velvet pancakes, cheesy eggs, bacon and fruit.

And of course, no complaints from any of the boys. YESSSS.

In light of our food coma round 2, we sprawled out on our sofas, and assembled a few of Caleb's presents while watching Die Hard 2. Which by the way, is the NEXT BEST awesome action packed Christmas movie in the world.

I'm really digging this new tradition of watching Die Hard on Christmas. Send all of your leftover Christmas cookies to the hunk for that genius idea!

After we had enough of being couch potatoes, it was time for a family walk before finally cleaning ourselves up for a Christmas party.

And guess what we did at this Christmas party that makes it such a highlight for me this year?

We had TURDURKEN! If you don't know what that is, let me break it down for you: chicken stuffed in duck, then stuffed in turkey.


Yup. It was my first time trying it and since I'm alive to tell you about it, it obviously wasn't that bad. In fact, I actually thought it was pretty tasty. The monstrosity was slowly smoked for 10 hours so it definitely had a delicious smokey flavor to it, and combined with the rest of the amazing food we had, I was in pregnant momma food coma heaven all the way up until just a few minutes ago, I swear.    Ahhhh.

We also did a white elephant exchange and while there were some insanely hilarious gifts passed around, I came home with a pack of Depends Briefs for men and called it a sign of God. I will definitely be needing these briefs for the whole post-partum fun that I'm getting myself into again.    I know some of you fellow moms have to be feeling me on this.

Finally, one of my other favorite parts of the party besides the whole hanging out with seriously awesome people thing?

MAKESHIFT PHOTOBOOTH!!! PHOTOBOOTH!!!!!! Who doesn't love a freaking PHOTOBOOTH!?! Psst...if you can't tell, we were going with the "awkward family photo" theme for a few of the photos. Of course, some of us clearly took it a lot further than others ;)  

So there you have it! 4 fun filled days with my favorite in-laws, and 1 amazing Christmas day with my little family and great friends condensed into one ginormous post.

It's been an amazing week but I'm ready to get back to normal after all this fun. Thank you all for reading this year and I hope you all had an amazing holiday as well! See you soon :)

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