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A Very Long Day and New #Therafit Shoes

Posted Nov 17 2012 12:36pm

Yesterday was a long day. A very long day. I’ve written before about the seasonality of my job, where we are slow all summer when it’s hot, and suddenly extremely busy when the weather cools down, the golf courses re-open, and the Snowbirds arrive. Yesterday was the ultimate example of what the “season,” as we call it, will be like.

Last night was our Welcome Home open house, where we welcome our members back to the desert with catered appetizers, wine, and prizes. We were also celebrating the 10th birthday of the fitness center. My staff was on hand to greet the members and talk about our services. The board of directors of our home owners association attends, as well as our fitness committee, general manager, plus the general manager of the golf club. But my day started more than 12 hours before the party even started.

I was scheduled to open my fitness center at 5:30. Shortly after I arrived, I receive a text from my assistant that she had a migraine and couldn’t come to work, though she had found someone to cover the several hours during which I teach classes. As a migraine sufferer I should have been totally empathetic and understanding, but I admit I had a few moments of cranky ‘why today of all days’ thoughts.

Of course, with so much going on, and being short-staffed,  it was a very busy day. I was stressing about the party in the evening, I had two classes to teach, and we simply had a lot of member usage, training, and sales going on. In between, I was working on last minute details, flyers, prize tickets, etc. I felt a little relief when the chef arrived with his staff to set up for the evening. It reminded me that it wasn’t all on my shoulders.

At 1:00, I was able to get away from my fitness center, not for a break, but to drive a half hour to another fitness center, in La Quinta, where I have my two long-standing clients that I still train twice a week. I was so hyped up about my event, each of their hours took about 50 minutes to get through.

On my way back to work, I stopped and picked up a can of lentil soup. I was hungry and knew that beyond the veggie platter there would be nothing for me to eat in the catered appetizers. I had a chance to eat about half before I got caught up in last minute preparations and set up. Better than nothing!

Guests started to arrive about 10 minutes early, but we were ready for them. My assistant was fortunately feeling better, so she was there to help, plus pretty much all of my staff. Members were able to talk to personal trainers, Pilates teachers, the ballroom dance instructor, and the golf fitness instructor to learn about all of those programs. We had an esthetician on hand to discuss skin care, and several massage therapists for chair massage. Of course, there was food, designated as appetizers, but I noticed that several members seemed to be making a meal of out of the meatballs, mini quiches, grilled asparagus, and cheese platters. We even had wine, the final step to make it a great event.

Once a big event gets rolling, the most stressful part is over. I relaxed and enjoyed the party. We had a great turn out, and it energized me. When the last guest left a couple hours later, I could feel my body let go. Suddenly, I was exhausted.

But not quite done. We did a little clean up (some left for this morning), and we all headed home. I made a quick stop at Thai Smile for dinner. They are so fast, about 10 minutes and I was on my way with delicious Pad Thai and Masaman Curry. I finally arrived home at about 8:15 almost exactly 15 hours after I had left in the morning.

As I walked in the door, I noticed two packages in the entry. I assumed they were the medals and awards for the Palm Springs Turkey Trot , which were due to arrive. I stepped past them, served up a long overdue dinner, and started to relax. It wasn’t until after dinner that I inspected the packages and discovered that one was addressed to me!

I excitedly opened it and discovered that my new Therafit shoes had arrived! The Therafit shoe was created by Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award-winning television show “The Doctor.” She wanted to create a multi-tasking shoe that empowers women, that would stylishly go from work to the gym, or to the countless other tasks that women complete everyday. It’s the 12-hour shoe for the 12-hour day. I could really have used these shoes yesterday!

My shoes arrived in a pretty wrapped box with a sweet note. I eagerly unwrapped my package. I had ordered, appropriately I think, the Deborah model. I always wanted a shoe to be named after me! Although Deb (we’re on a nickname basis) comes in a variety of bright colors, I chose silver and blue because I wanted to be able to wear my Therafit shoes to work.

I spend a lot of time of my feet. The description of my day above is not quite average, but close. When I read that the Therafit Shoe is designed specifically for women, meant to be comfortable yet stylish, with multiple layers for cushioning and support, I was on board. Built into each shoe is the Therafit Personal Comfort System (PCS) Technology, that utilizes three specifically designed dual-density adapters located in the heel that can be removed to change the shoe’s impact resistance and cushioning. Plus, the Therafit Shoe is endorsed by the National Posture Institute , which speaks to its benefits for women who are always on the go.

I will have a full review of the Therafit Shoe after I’ve had an opportunity to wear them for a while. But I can tell you right now, I wore them to work today and I felt like I was walking on cushions all day. Usually the first thing I do when I get home is take my shoes off because I can’t stand wearing them any more. Not today. I’ve been wearing the Therafit Shoes for 12 hours now, and will keep them on as we head to our cross country banquet in a few minutes. I think Deborah and I are off to a great start.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet (don’t we all?), I encourage you to check out the Therafit Shoe . And stay tuned for my review. I’ll have a discount code for you that will also benefit the Jody Klein Breast Cancer Fund, a charity named after the sister of a friend of mine. And maybe, if you’re good, I’ll have a giveaway too.

Do you work long days? (note: After I wrote that, I realized how silly it was. Of course you do. Whether you’re a full time paid worker, a stay-at-home mom, a student, or a combination of all those, all of us work long days.)

Here’s a better one, when you work a long day, do you spend a lot of time on your feet? How do you soothe those hard working tootsies?

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign.  All opinions are my own.

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